Take your asset management strategy from reactive to predictive

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Realize your full potential while equipping the next generation of workers

Connect. Collect. Analyze. Act.
Welcome to your digital transformation experience.

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Provide a framework for driving sustainable operational excellence for your field workers

Connect. Collect. Analyze. Act.
Welcome to your digital transformation experience.

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Upstream Production & Processing

Given the existing market dynamics, the upstream oil and gas industry consistently looks to enable safe operations for personnel and the environment while helping to generate the greatest profitability, production and productivity from existing assets in the shortest time frame. Upstream producers want to maximize production of oil and gas from onshore and offshore wells safely and economically. Down stream processors are looking to operate safely and efficiently, extracting the most value from the hydrocarbon stream while minimizing costs.

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The Digital Transformation Begins with You

With the trend in reduced capital expenditures reflecting a shift towards operational efficiency and making existing assets more productive, it is imperative to drive efficiency through operations, assets, and people, by means of digital technology. Not convinced? The potential economic impact enabled by digital technologies will total more than $370B/year by 2025.

Maximize Assets

  • Leverage Predictive Asset analytics to transform maintenace from reactive to predictive, reducing unplanned downtime and improving asset utilization
  • Drive a comprehensive Asset Performance Management strategy to maximize asset ROI and reduce maintenance cost

Optimize Operations

  • Digitalize operations management to improve operational visibility and collaboration
  • Leverage advanced analytics to optimize process designs and operations, reducing CAPEX and OPEX
  • Leverage simulation tools to improve production allocation, improving throughput
  • Increase speed of execution through workforce mobility

Enable People

  • Leverage advanced simulation tools to effectively train operators in a virtual environment, reducing time and cost to knowledge
  • Digitize years of operations knowledge to enable the next generation of worker
  • Increase safety in the field

  • Workforce Optimization

    Workforce Optimization

    Learn how Dynamic Simulation helps train operators effectively, reducing time and cost to knowledge

    Download Whitepaper
  • Asset Optimization

    Asset Optimization

    Leverage Predictive Analytics to improve asset utilization and reliability, reducing unplanned downtime

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  • Production Optimization

    Production Optimization

    Learn how to increase throughput through improved production allocation

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  • Mobile Workforce Management

    Mobile Workforce Management

    Learn how to deploy a cost effective strategy for monitoring non-instrumented assets remotely, reducing maintenance cost and downtime

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