Insight Performance

A secure, managed cloud solution for collecting, visualising, and analysing equipment utilisation and production efficiency data


Drive Asset Utilisation and Plant Performance

Insight Performance is a cost-effective solution for measuring and improving plant performance and asset utilisation through manual and automatic data collection, KPI monitoring, and data analysis. The cloud application offered as a service is quickly provisioned, and provides fast time-to-value without the costs and efforts of establishing and maintaining an IT infrastructure. Insight Performance empowers operators with intuitive overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) KPI dashboards, and real-time visibility into current downtime causes. Advanced reporting, analysis of equipment utilisation, and OEE KPI history data — from anywhere within the plant, the enterprise, or remotely — facilitate continuous improvement and best practice standardisation.

Side-by-side comparison of equipment performance and operational performance is easy when distributed plant and equipment data come together in the cloud. As an end user you can standardise KPIs, share best practices, and elevate plant performance consistently across your business. OEMs and VARs can compare and benchmark multiple instances of their solution to gain new insights into downtime patterns, reliability, and performance improvement potentials to provide customers with new value-added services.

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Insight Performance Features

Increase the profitability of operational performance management and continuous improvement with Cloud and IIoT technologies.

Equipment Utilisation and OEE KPI Monitoring

Empower operators to drive plant performance with real-time information on downtime and OEE KPIs in a ready-to-use equipment dashboard. OEE, availability, performance and quality KPI’s are displayed with indications that that show when KPIs are above or below the target defined for any equipment.

Users can monitor the current utilisation state of an asset or machine with charts providing insights into the main causes of the downtime or impacts on asset performance. Production performance can be monitored in charts that show how the active production run results deviate from the plan.

With real-time visibility into equipment and production performance, operators can quickly identify the main causes of inefficiency and downtime, and can improve performance by collaborating on addressing them.

Advanced Reporting and Analysis

View and analyse equipment utilisation and OEE KPI history information, and perform root cause analysis using intuitive charts and reports. Such visibility exposes hidden improvement opportunities and enhances collaboration for increasing asset performance and driving better production results.

Responsive newsfeed and alerts from the solution’s advanced analytics enable improved decision making to drive sustainable plant performance improvements.

Maintain profitability and competitiveness by continuously optimising equipment efficiency and maximising the capacity utilisation of existing assets.

Manual and Automatic Data Collection

Insight Performance collects and stores equipment and production-related event data through either operator entry on the web user interface, or by equipment event notifications pushed from existing plant software, edge devices, or IIoT-enabled sensors and smart devices.

An operator or other authorised person may modify automatically-collected downtime or production events to further clarify the root cause or reconsolidate it with other findings. The ability to merge downtime events or split a utilisation event into two or more individual events allows them to accurately categorise, rank, and analyse all events impacting utilisation.

Continuous Improvement and Enterprise Performance Management

Define a set of equipment utilisation and production disposition reasons as standards for data collection, event categorisation and visualisation in all plants. This allows for consistent comparison and benchmarking of equipment efficiency across the business or distributed systems, and identifying and sharing best practices.

Empower all people and roles with dashboards and interactive reports that can be viewed anytime, anywhere across the business in a web browser or on mobile devices. The cloud provides an immeasurable performance and storage capacity potential for collecting large amounts of data and accessing equipment information throughout large organisations.

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