Label Assurance

Ensure compliance through 100% label checks

Ensure the Right Product is in the Right Packaging

Undeclared allergen in food product causes detrimental effect on consumers who react adversely. It also leads to costly regulatory non-compliance penalties and loss of market share as consumer trust erodes. Label Assurance performs label inspection checks at the packaging line, helping food and beverage manufacturers avoid product recalls due to mislabeling and undeclared allergen. Simply put, Label Assurance ensures the right product is in the right packaging.

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Label Assurance Features

Non-Destructive 100% Label Checks

The inspection camera scans the barcode/data matrix and/or the best-before-date and lot code of every product as it passes through the packaging line. Label Assurance matches the read against the master data for SKU details to ensure the correct labels are used.

This process is non-destructive to the labels, and the solution automatically updates the scanned data back to the work order, providing labeling performance status in real time.

Pre-defined Standard Reports and Analytics

Quality engineers and production engineers can easily perform continuous improvement analytics, free from the need to pore through vast amounts of raw data.

Reports include:
• Work Order / Lot Labeling Summary
• Production Labeling Summary

Customisable Conditions

Conditions can be customised to trigger to the PLC to eject the problem packaging, or stop the line if the non-compliance count is higher than the tolerance count set by the operator.

The condition parameters include:

• Number of no read
• Number of illegibility
• Number of mismatch

Flexible Deployment

Allows for deployment as standalone system or integrated with MES to meet specific needs:

As a standalone quality system:
• Manual entry of production details
• Manual start and stop scans
• Scan data is kept in the solution's database

As part of MES (integration efforts required):
• Automated production details integrated from MES
• Automated start and stop scans with work orders from MES
• Automated scan data integrated into MES

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