Line Performance

Improve equipment uptime, increase line throughput, and improve quality

Ensure Peak Performance with Line Performance

Ensure Peak Performance

Tight margins, global competition, brand protection. How do you as a Food and Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods, or Pharmaceutical manufacturer take advantage of new technologies while maintaining critical operating and financial conditions? Line Performance helps you uncover hidden potentials in your production plants that will optimize equipment uptime, line throughput, product changeover and product quality.

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A Solution that Provides Rapid ROI  Discover the advanced line performance management tool that provides ROI in  less than 12 months. Download the Infographic

Proven Approach to Enhanced Line Performance

Line Performance is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to integrate. On-demand reporting and analysis brings fast time to value and rapid ROI. Line Performance provides everything you need to visualise and control packaging and to optimise output and manage quality. It’s your first step in ensuring sustainable, significant improvements in your packaging line.

Workflow-Driven Configuration

Configuration is automated through workflow-driven questions. The user interface, dashboard, and reports are all pre-defined to reduce setup complexity. The project cycle and delivery timeline is greatly reduced, while maximising user experience and configuration flexibility.

Role-Based Installation

Line Performance’s architecture is pre-defined and proven, enabling standardised installation. Its role-based or server-based wizards and guides allow easy installation with low error risk.

Integrated Reporting

Through visibility to process metrics, Line Performance provides real-time information to critical operating parameters. Its integrated reporting and analysis tool facilitates ease of visual, keeping your key performance indicators in check.

Based on Model-Driven MES

Model-driven operations management enforces business processes, enables collaboration and standardises best practices. Line Performance provides one consistent experience and facilitates corporate-wide standardisation of practices, allowing multi-site operations management.

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