District Energy Management

The most advanced software for real-time planning and optimisation of district heating and cooling network operations

District Energy Management

District Energy Management

District Energy Management software reduces a utility’s energy costs and usage to provide the appropriate cooling/heating service, minimise heat losses, and streamline the network operations.

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District Energy Management Features

District Energy Management enables you to reduce energy usage, costs, and CO2 emissions while ensuring the required level of service.

Dynamic Temperature Optimisation

Minimise heat losses and maximise heat/cooling storage capacity, all in real time.

Augmented Reality

Reach where SCADA does not, with virtual sensors and network-wide monitoring.

What-If Scenarios

See operation and maintenance impacts in advance, making it easier to choose the best option for a smooth and riskless operation. 

Builds on Existing Data and IT

Give existing software systems new functionalities.

Reduce Operation and Maintenance Risks and Costs

Predict the network behavior and see what will happen before it happens

Easy to Use

No in-depth hydraulic knowledge needed.

Extend Your District Energy Management Capabilities

Add-on modules increase energy and operational savings

Temperature Optimization

Minimize heat loss in district energy networks

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Chilled Water Network Real-Time Simulator

Predict energy fluctations and operational costs with thermodynamic simulation of chilled water networks

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