AVEVA™ Gas Day Advisor

Enabling gas operations and controllers to set up, monitor, and balance their supply and demand schedule, and optimise their gas day plan


AVEVA Gas Day Advisor

AVEVA Gas Day Advisor helps you develop weather-dependent, non-contractual gas demand/load (i.e. sendout) forecasts for next gas day and near future gas days, based on weather data and gas consumption history. By combining these two sources with the ability to monitor the plan against actual flow data imported from a gas measurement system, operators can efficiently manage all customer deliveries in one application without running into a flow deficit or surplus at the end of the gas day. The result is optimised efficient operations.

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AVEVA Gas Day Advisor Features

AVEVA Gas Day Advisor provides gas distribution companies with a way for their operators to setup, monitor, and balance their supply and demand forecasts for a gas day on an hourly basis.


Residential customers do not have contracts in place that specify how much gas they will consume each day; they simply consume what they need. As a group, however, residential customer usage can be predicted and included in the overall gas day setup. From this a weather-dependent, non-contractual gas demand (sendout) forecast can be developed for the next gas day and near future gas days using analytics and historical weather data (primarily temperature) and gas consumption history.


As part of the gas day planning process, operators must evaluate their forecast and make plans for obtaining the appropriate supply from various supply points in the system so they can balance receipts and usage. If the supply exceeds demand, then they can make plans to store the excess supply or take on additional demand. On the basis of estimates of future sendout and known contracted consumption, gas companies can operate more efficiently and avoid an unexpected (and possibly costly) shortfall or surplus.


Operators need a mechanism to continuously monitor the actual gas load against the forecasted gas load throughout the day. AVEVA Gas Day Advisor provides the operator with a comparison of the day thus far (i.e. accumulated actual daily flow) against the daily forecast. It also provides a comparison of the projected end-of-day flow based on the forecasted total daily flow and some extrapolation of the actual flow.

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