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Digital Transformation of manufacturing operations in mining, minerals and bulk materials processing industries


Maximize Profits with a Transformative approach to Production and Value chain Optimisation

Mining, minerals, and metals (MMM) companies are faced with volatile market swings and increasing operating costs. Companies that rethink and shift their focus to proactively look inward into processes, and leverage technology to drive operational excellence across the entire mining value chain, will be the tomorrow’s winners.

Achieve Operational Excellence


Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Operations Enables Value Chain Visibility and Optimisation

Manufacturing Operations Management, powered by Ampla offers specific functionality and supports deployment throughout mining, minerals and metals operations from extraction, smelters and furnaces and onto storage and transportation for end to end production accounting, inventory management, optimization of asset utilization and energy consumption in near real time.

Production Accounting and Inventory Management

Inventory of materials is the most important asset of any mining company. Digital production accounting and inventory management provides an accurate, and timely indication of production performance, and inventory quantity and quality at any point of the value chain. Ampla Operation Management software automatically log all the inputs and outputs of the production work, and visualizes inventory data and information on dashboards and interactive reports with drill-down analysis including product genealogy and traceability of materials. It provides real-time manufacturing intelligence by capturing and contextualizing data from multiple mining plant and business systems and applying modern analytics for an accurate view of inventory and visibility of compliance to plan. As a single trusted source of information, it eliminates delays, errors and inaccuracies related to the numerous calculation sheets and point solutions used today and enables data-driven decisions to be made in real-time, driving down the cost of production and improving operational efficiency.

Performance Management

Empower effective operational decision making with instantaneous feedback based on KPIs such as real-time OEE for maximising the utilisation of operating assets. The manufacturing execution software provides operators and production personnel with a real-time target, based on maximum sustainable and achievable rate of current feed grade and equipment availability. This allows operators to proactively tweak the process to achieve their production targets by intervening immediately to minimise losses.  Historical data provides the ability to analyse and understand the causes of loss by recognising constraint types and developing strategies that can improve or even remove a constraint over time.

Energy Management

Energy is a key cost of many production processes. Like other resources, energy usage can vary with the production rate, the operating state of the equipment, and the product being produced. Our manufacturing execution software provides your operations team the tools to manage energy in real time, at the point of use.

By analysing energy events in context with actual production performance, you can turn energy data into actionable intelligence to learn where energy is being wasted, how to optimise energy consumption, and to effectively plan for load shifting. With this information you can avoid peak rates to achieve sustainable energy savings and reduce costs.


Enterprise Integration

Integrating manufacturing execution systems with ERP and planning systems empowers users across the business with visibility into operational data and performance metrics in near real time. It provides better decision making, faster responses to unplanned events, and increases business agility. Better alignment of sales orders with production orders helps confirm and achieve planned delivery and shipping dates, and reduces the risk of demurrage costs and penalties. Richer information on equipment run hours, in context with throughput or material type, helps you to plan maintenance work and reduce unnecessary maintenance and costs. Validated data on production and asset performance such as throughput, consumables, run hours, availability, and equipment utilization, enables the ERP system to calculate financial costing better, and to complete financial reporting faster.

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