AVEVA™ Offsites Management

Inventory, movement ,and blend management for refinery offsites and terminal operations


Modular, Scalable Offsites Suite

AVEVA Offsites Management provides accurate, reliable, and accessible inventory and movement information, movement automation, and off-line/on-line multi-blend optimisation. Increased automation and information management reduces quality giveaway, avoids reprocessing, and improves accounting accuracy.

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Refinery Offsites Features

AVEVA Offsites Management captures the experience and best practices of more than two decades of refinery offsites and terminal project engineering along with many successful installations. It is designed to integrate with your existing plant systems and to support your current workflows. AVEVA Offsites Management reduces product cost and promotes faster time-to-value, while increasing customer satisfaction.

Modular, Scalable Offsites Suite

Hundreds of man-years of offsites project engineering experience have contributed to the development of our 10-module suite of tools for refinery offsites and/or petrochemical terminal planning and operations. The wide-ranging offering includes inventory and movement management; accounting balance and tracking; and monitoring, optimising, and blending. Compliance with open industry standards enables integration with existing plant and business systems, maintaining and improving the return on investment in existing assets and systems.

Tank Farm Inventory and Movement Management

Inventory management and movement automation improves planning, scheduling, and operational efficiency, while reducing the risk of contamination, reprocessing, and demurrage. Mass balance reconciliation and inventory information enable more accurate yield accounting and stock loss control. Results include a lower cost of tank farm operations, higher asset utilisation, more accurate inventory accounting, improved cash flow management, and increased customer satisfaction.

Blend Control and Optimisation

Unique off-line/on-line multi-blend optimisation technology offers the opportunity to maximise overall blend production profit against the true, long-term operational constraints of the refinery. On-line blend control and optimisation reduces re-blends, and minimises giveaway and component costs while ensuring products meet quality and regulatory agency specifications.

Overall Refinery Optimisation

Refinery Operations Management is designed to help achieve greater agility and responsiveness by integrating complex, disparate software applications — in both the supply chain and operations layers — to enable collaborative work processes. The solution integrates AVEVA Offsites Management with AVEVA Process Optimization, AVEVA Production Accounting, Enterprise Asset Management, Historian, and other applications.

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