Water Network Management

The most advanced, water-specific software that enables SCADA operators to optimise water distribution networks in real time


Reduce Operation and Energy Costs Associated With Water Distribution Activities

Water Network Management is an operations system that expands your water distribution network SCADA capabilities. The software forecasts the behaviour of the distribution network, and anticipates the impact of planned and unplanned events before they happen. By using real-time data, Water Network Management considers the ever-changing condition of the network, so your actions are always based on the most updated situation.

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Water Network Management

Water Network Management provides operators with information about the impact of planned and unplanned events, even before they happen, through real-time network behaviour forecasting.

Water Quality Monitoring

Receive early warning on pollution or bad water quality cases to reduce health-threatening events.

Easy To Use

No in-depth hydraulic knowledge needed.

Critical Event Response

Identify the impact of unexpected events and act on them in minutes.

What-If Scenarios

See operation and maintenance impacts in real time, making it easier to choose the best option for a smooth and reduced risk operation.

Augmented Reality

Uses virtual sensors and network-wide monitoring to reache where traditional SCADA can’t.

Integrate With Third Party SCADA Systems

Builds on your existing data and IT. Adds new functionalities to your SCADA, GIS, hydraulic models, and other applications.

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