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About Measurement Advisor

Gas gathering, transportation, and distribution companies must be able to accurately measure the volume and quality of the gas that is flowing through their pipelines to the ultimate gas users. They must also provide accurate measurement of gas delivered and sold at custody transfer points, which represents their key source of revenue. Measurement Advisor is gas flow measurement software that enables pipeline operators to effectively measure gas flows through automated data acquisition, pre-financial verification, and correction of measurement field data.

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Measurement Advisor Features

Measurement Advisor enables gas pipeline operations to measure the gas flowing through their systems. Here are just some of the ways you might use it:

Configure Measurement Devices

Proper set up and maintenance of the many devices in a pipeline or gas distribution network is critical to effective operation.

Measurement Advisor supports field device setup and maintenance. It centralises common metre properties and provides a complete history of the operations measurement infrastructure. This reduces configuration effort and supports rapid identification of measurement issues.

Collect Measurement Field Data

Field measurement data must be captured and analysed efficiently to drive accuracy in gas flow measurement systems. This is true for management of both gas flow data and gas quality data.

Measurement Advisor ensures easy access to standardised data regardless of origin. High-throughput data collection techniques support the retrieval and storage of measurement data in concert with integrated polling that can be integrated with existing AVEVA solutions.

Validating data accuracy is an additional high-value gas data collection step. Measurement Advisor provides a variety of volumetric and gas quality related validation rules that help detect erroneous data. This frees measurement analysts to focus on interpreting the business impact of the data rather than worrying about its validity.

Confirm Measurement Data Integrity

Communication errors or maintenance efforts may cause gaps in collected gas operation measurement data.

Measurement Advisor enables a measurement analyst to fill gaps by extrapolating or adding missing data based on estimation rules. Additionally, as measurement data is modified, Measurement Advisor creates full audit trails that corporate governance can use to assess the financial impact of the flow measurements.

Manage Month-End Close

The month-end close process for measurement flow data is critical to being able to report financial outcomes of a pipeline operation. Ensuring maximum productivity, efficiency, and corporate governance requires accounting for all gas volumes. Unmeasured gas hurts the bottom line.

Measurement Advisor supports the ability to segment and balance system-wide, allowing measurement analysts to quickly identify mass, volume, and energy in/out errors. This is done through hourly, daily, and monthly physical balancing, including line pack, fuel use, and lost and unaccounted for (LAUF) gas.

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