Performance Manager

Empowering companies to achieve greater operational excellence through improved visibility into contextualised, actionable data — from the operations layer to the enterprise business system layer


Uncover Operations Improvement Potential with Insights and Benchmarking

When combined with best-in-class operations applications under the Operations Management framework, Performance Manager empowers you to achieve greater operational excellence through improved visibility into contextualised, actionable data — from the operations layer to the enterprise business system layer. The performance manager modules include an Operational Console, KPI Manager, Decision Manager, Event Manager, and Operational Data Manager.


Performance Manager Features

Performance Manager improves operating profits by providing closed-loop enterprise-wide performance monitoring tools to optimise assets and operations. The improved visibility into contextualised, actionable data is the key to unlocking business values from big data and analytics. The result is improved asset utilisation and an optimised value chain.

Integrated Visualisation Platform

Operations Console enables role-based, contextual visualisation to give workforces immediate insight into operational performance issues, empowering them to resolve these matters before it escalates to bigger problems.

Highly-Configurable KPI Management

The self-service portal of KPI manager allows the configuration of any type of KPI with arithmetic expressions, enhancing system flexibility to accommodate future changes.

Event Management

Retrieve operations events history across applications and analyse it efficiently with Event Manager. This consolidates event data from different assets on a unified platform.

Decision Management

Decision Manager captures critical plant knowledge, links performance events to their root causes, and generates a list of potential actions.

Master Asset Model

The self-service portal of the Operational Data Management module allows user-defined associations for data tagging to improve system flexibility, improving the reliability and accuracy of data insight across different software applications used by operations management. 

Discover How Performance Manager Can Drive Performance in Your Industry


Performance Manager for Upstream Oil and Gas

Drive greater collaboration and operational efficiency with better operations insights — from well performance to processing facilities. Uncover improvements for operation and maintenance in oil and gas fields.

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Performance Manager for Downstream Oil and Gas

Optimise downstream operations and assets through better insights into contextual data, improving asset availability and profitability.


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Performance Manager for Power Industry

Transform your power business to achieve greater operational efficiency through improved visibility into contextualised and actionable data, reduced unplanned downtime, increased asset utilisation, and greater efficiency.

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