Performance Management

Extracting maximum value from your production lines and equipment

Measure, Visualise, and Continuously Improve Operational Efficiency and Asset Utilisation

Your production process is only as effective as the poorest performing equipment on the line. This constrains profitability, schedule compliance, uptime, and safety. 

Line and equipment performance management via OEE monitoring methods, for example, helps identify the weakest links in your lines, and restores them to run reliably at their full operating potential.

Consistent reporting is the foundation for comparing metrics across the business, which improves decision making and best practice sharing. That’s why improving equipment performance begins by standardising equipment performance metrics and KPIs.

Performance management strategies are amplified by emerging digital technologies such as IIoT, smart devices and cloud computing for automatic capturing of production performance data and equipment downtime events, freeing line operators from manual data collection tasks.

Visibility of real-time performance metrics and drill-down analytics empowers stakeholders with actionable information to reduce equipment downtime and increase the operating efficiency and profitability of manufacturing operations.

Plants that have used Performance Management software  as part of their continuous improvement strategy have reported the following equipment performance gains:

  • OEE up by 20-30 percent
  • Equipment uptime up by 10-20 percent
  • Manufacturing cost reduced by 10-30 percent
  • Quality improved by 5 percent


Delivering Equipment Performance Management

Improving equipment performance is a multi-faceted task with a great potential for reducing time-to-value in repeated deployments. It begins with standardisation of equipment performance metrics and KPIs across the business. Consistent digitalisation and unification amplified by emerging IIoT technology is the foundation for comparison of metrics, which improves business decision making and best practice sharing.


Delivering Manufacturing Performance Management

Insight Performance is a ready-to-use cloud-based solution for manufacturing equipment utilisation and production data collection, monitoring, and analysis. It can replace manual paperwork and after-the-fact reporting with real-time dashboards and analytics. It offers automatic data collection through IoT or edge devices, or integration with local automation systems. With performance data coming together in the cloud, it is easy to compare multiple plants or distributed systems.

Line Performance is a preconfigured model-driven MES software solution providing proven industry best practices in F&B/CPG line OEE and production performance monitoring and reporting. It includes work order management and execution tracking for visibility into the performance impact of operational activities and planning. Integration with production and packaging line control systems offers automated real-time data collection of equipment utilisation events in high resolution.

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