AVEVA™ Discrete Lean Management

Improve your discrete manufacturing productivity, flexibility, reliability and cost competitiveness

AVEVA Discrete Lean Management is a commercial off the shelf software that improves discrete manufacturing productivity through a set of ready to use digital tools for Lean management and to replace time-consuming paperwork used for work management and data collection.

As manufacturers seek to increase their operational efficiency and flexibility, AVEVA Discrete Lean Management helps to:

Continuously improve your operational effectiveness by measuring, visualizing and analyzing your manufacturing performance with proven lean management practices and KPIs for both manual and automated production lines.

Empower your production teams to quickly respond to production issues and reduce production losses with near real time visibility into production events and KPIs on dashboards and mobile devices.

Reduce human error and replace paper prints with centralized and orchestrated access to work order information and always up to date digital work instructions.

Accelerate your digital transformation journey

Digital transformation empowers people, improves profitability and return on capital across the operations and asset lifecycle. Improve operational efficiency, enable insight across enterprise value chains, enhance competitiveness, improve customer experience, and cut the hype.

Digital Lean and Work Management for Discrete Manufacturing

AVEVA Discrete Lean Management provides a set of digital Lean and operational excellence tools for paperless production operations and data collection, for collaboration in response to production issues, and for performance visualization and analyses. The software provides a ready to use digital user interface for orchestrated access to work order information and work instructions, and for reporting work order execution, down times or quality defects. The full range of AVEVA’s connectivity with IoT devices and plant control systems is included to minimize the number of manual data collection tasks and to enable automatic event notifications. The software is easy to deploy, configure and integrate with plant and enterprise systems which allows for a fast ROI through visibility into the hidden causes of performance losses and by providing your teams with the data they need to perform root cause analyses for continuous improvement.

Performance Management

Continuously improve your operational efficiency by measuring, visualizing and analyzing key performance indicators for both manual and automated production lines (OEE/OLE), and perform root cause analyses by correlating plant events. Evaluate and analyze production line performance with dashboards for labor and equipment effectiveness, as well as quality, and maintenance KPIs.


Respond faster to production issues through notifications and with real time visibility on dashboards, workstations and mobile devices for collaboration and effective response to different issue scenarios. With visibility of current production problems, other production team members are informed and stakeholders are called for help to prevent or reduce downtime and production loss on a machine, a line or the plant.

Work Order Management

Improve execution reporting and tracking using digital and centralized production work order management and allocation to production lines. Display and execute work orders on a line and report production through a ready to use user interface and capture an audit trail of all work order events. Work orders can be released to production and confirmed upon closure based on data exchange with a business application. To optimize plant throughput and minimize changeover within the same shift, work orders can be allocated based on capacity and best line performance (OEE/OLE) for the specified products.

Digital Work Instructions

Empower your production teams to get work done right the first time and prevent production errors from happening with easy-to-access-and-follow work instructions. Manage and display work instructions as a digital document and instruction media files. Train and guide operators with easy-to-follow step by step instructions for producing a specific product on a line or workstation. Keep your work instructions up to date and effectively manage change by hosting work instruction files in a central repository.

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