Optimize Operations

Monitor, control, and optimize performance to deliver the maximum benefit


Optimise Your Plant for Maximum Economic Benefit

Process Optimisation provides a complete solution to optimise and control processes with real-time information from the plant floor combined with updated economic parameters. Monitor performance, achieve tight control, and obtain peak performance to achieve maximum benefit in large and complex process plants where the scale and complexity require formal solutions.

Optimisation Solutions

Monitor performance, achieve control, and obtain peak performance through advanced process control, process optimisation, and refinery off-sites solutions. These solutions allow customers to remain competitive, drive process profitability, and improve accounting accuracy.

Industry-Leading Technology Improves Performance, Allowing for Increased Profitability

Optimisation is where operations meets economics. AVEVA’s tools use first principle simulation to achieve real-time operational excellence in your process. They deliver maximum and sustainable plant performance with increased return on investment.

Maintainable Optimisation Solution

ROMeo Process Optimisation is a proven, comprehensive solution to today’s plant profit optimisation problems. It is the only set of software products that have been designed specifically to address the need for real-time, nonlinear optimisation of continuous processes. Typical benefits range from $0.05 to $0.25/bbl throughput, with payback  periods of one year or less.

Integrated Modelling Makes Optimisation Easy

This complete optimisation solution integrates heat and material balance rigorous simulation, data reconciliation, gross error detection, economic optimisation, and performance monitoring into a single user environment.

Substantial Benefits Add Up

Optimisation can help you:

  • Achieve better and tighter control
  • Evaluate “what-if” scenarios
  • Automate optimisation and reporting
  • Visualise results and key performance indicators
  • Diagnose performance bottlenecks
  • Make more informed decisions



Plant Managers

Sharpen plant performance and profits. Typical benefits range from $0.05 to $0.25/bbl throughput, with a payback period of one year or less


Process Engineers

Empower process engineers to optimise plant behavior and drive refinery or petrochemical plant performance.


Field Technicians

Document servicing of field equipment including scheduled inspections, calibrations, and general maintenance and potential field issues.

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