Redefining Distillation.

Expand the Digital Twin to Rigorous Distillation Columns

Expand the Digital Twin with New Distillation Capabilities in SimCentral Simulation Platform.

In process simulation, distillation columns (especially, crude and/or heat-integrated units) are typically the most difficult unit to model, and certainly, the most difficult to solve. Hours can be spent troubleshooting a column, if only a single spec is slightly off or incompatible with another spec. It can seem almost impossible to solve scenarios, such as, dry trays, incompatible heat, flow, or composition entries, side draws and returns, efficiencies, etc. If you then take it into dynamics, where the model “acts” like the real plant, the troubles can be compounded. The distillation column in Simulation Platform provides the same rigor as traditional simulators but with greater flexibility. For example, it can:

  • Simulate a column with dry trays. Columns are not designed to operate this way, but in a real plant, it happens, and so, it must be simulated during troubleshooting operations. Simulation Platform makes it easier to converge, identify specification problems, and match plant data.
  • Swap column specifications with ease. Simulation Platform provides a very direct and natural way to swap specifications and see the results immediately. It is faster and more agile than traditional simulators in setting up column specifications to achieve a desired result.
  • Transition to dynamic simulation for control and relief studies. Simulation Platform allows users to use the same simulation to design and test the column control strategy, to calculate the column relief valve flow, and to integrate the distillation column into a dynamic flare model.

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