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Empower your people with a unified platform that spans your entire supply chain.


Enabling Agile Decisions Fueled by Human Experience

Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management is an enterprise platform that enables agile and collaborative decisions between diverse teams across the globe. With one application for all supply chain activities, you can enhance your supply chain business process and create new workflows that cross traditional tool boundaries.

From feedstock data management, trading, plant planning, network and multi-plant optimization, to plant scheduling and performance monitoring, when your entire business has access to the same information, you can focus on discovering new ways to drive profitability.

Maximize profitability and reduce operational risk across the supply chain

Digitalize your end-to-end supply chain

Make earlier, more robust and lower risk supply chain decisions

Improve collaboration and increase visibility for management

Reduce IT costs and dependency on software skillset


BP drives Value Chain Optimization with AVEVA's cloud technology

A Flexible Solution that Scales to Your Business Needs

Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management empowers you to make quick and informed decisions by taking advantage of key information. Our solution is designed to address each specific component of the supply chain, transforming opportunities into business value.

From Mine to Port, How Optimized is Your Supply Chain? Download the Unified Supply Chain Whitepaper

Refinery Supply Chain Management

Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management was designed from the ground up to be a single, enterprise application across all supply chain activities. Whether you are an oil major or an independent refinery, our solution will support your team with a unified decision-making tool for crude purchase, assay management, refinery planning and scheduling, and network and distribution optimization.


Petrochemical Supply Chain Management

Build accurate models, improve profitability and ensure safe operations with  Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management for petrochemical planning and scheduling. Our solution supports standalone naphtha-based petrochemical units, and is also scalable for multi-plant scope and integrated refining and petrochemical operations.


Mining Supply Chain Management

Meet your financial targets and minimize operational risk with an enterprise solution for mining planning and scheduling. Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management helps you to reduce operational costs, like demurrage and inventory levels, while allowing you to efficiently sequence activities to ship more of the right product, at the right time, to meet your customer demand.

Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management

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