Plan and Schedule

The only industry planning and scheduling solution designed from the ground up as a single, unified platform


One Business, One Tool

From feedstock data management, trading, plant, and network optimisation, to scheduling and process unit monitoring, a single source of knowledge allows enterprises to share and communicate decisions between diverse teams, and across global locations.

The result is a solution that better explores opportunities, reduces operational risk, and shrinks the gap between plan and actual results.

Plan and Schedule

With specialised workflows in each module helping users quickly and consistently contribute, Plan and Schedule lets you take advantage of the knowledge repository at the heart of the solution, while still providing the flexibility to work as you need to. The scalable and modular architecture lets you focus on the core business and adapt the tool as required.

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Build Knowledge, Build Process, Build Profitability

Built on a modern, scalable platform, Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management  ensures the same core data is always at hand. Promoting re-use of knowledge and encouraging contribution and collaboration, while the flexible data model lets users from different business groups and different backgrounds communicate effectively. All of which encourages understanding of – and adapting to – workflow and business challenges.

Configure, Run, Analyse, and Share in Minutes

Easy to setup for users and IT teams, easy to scale, and easy to integrate, Plan and Schedule enable both new and experienced staff to start making decisions quickly. Intuitive and customisable feedback means they can adapt to changing business requirements. Access to cloud processing enables massive and fast analysis for robust decision making. Built-in analytics make understanding and analysing results fast and easy.

Manage, Plan, Schedule, Distribute

Consistent feedstock assays, consistent process models, consistent pricing, we ensure this and all supply chain knowledge is available to all approved users. From master planning, to feedstock selection, plant scheduling and post-execution analysis, each part of the entire business lifecycle can build on the experience and decisions of others.

Easy to Use, Easy to Deploy

Built with modern standards to enable modern workflows, Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management  is easy to deploy and scale. With secure data sharing, auditing, and versioning, small groups and enterprises are able to confidently share knowledge and decisions between diverse business groups across single or multiple locations. Powerful integration and reporting ensure input and output can be understood by all stakeholders, improving implementation of results and speed of turnaround.

Fast Decisions Mean Fast Reactions

Integrated to private or public cloud services and available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management can easily grow to a wider user base, and can take advantage of high performance computing via the Calculation Hub for larger optimisation analyses and more robust business planning. Analyse more scenarios and explore uncertainty to help determine more robust and more profitable decisions with an unknown future.

Minimize Gaps, Minimize Errors

Seamless workflows let users transfer knowledge and understanding between business groups, helping minimise gaps and losses due to errors in data transfer.

Integrate with Existing Process

Access to existing business systems via the software development kit and staging service allows data from ERPs, historians, Excel and nomination systems to be used and updated, resulting in more accurate supply chain decisions with fewer integration points and less IT overhead.

crude oile evaluation

Crude Oil Evaluation

Crude oil evaluation teams are able to compare changing crude quality against operational capability. With this easy insight and understanding, it simplifies trading and scheduling workflows, while shared experiences of crude processing empower crude experts and traders to make informed decisions, and realise greater economic benefits.

refinery scheduler

Refinery Planner

Teams plan for operational and market changes with confidence, even with rapidly changing real-world data, through collaborative workflows featuring feedstock data and scheduling constraints. Streamlined workflows, combined with user-configurable visualisation and reporting, allows the impact of uncertainties and data changes to be understood and evaluated in real time across multiple plants and multiple time horizons.


Refinery Scheduler

Schedulers work in tandem, collaborating together and across the wider business, to meet refinery requirements and operating targets. They highlight issues between plan and execution, exposing changes in cargo crude qualities, processing experience, and the drift from long-term planning goals.

Unified Supply Chain Management

Learn more about the only industry planning and scheduling solution designed from the ground up as a single, unified platform.

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