Enterprise Crude Knowledge Management

The first system to allow organisations to easily maintain, improve, and distribute their crude oil experience across broad user groups

Enterprise Crude Knowledge Management

Manage, Use, and Share Crude Experience

High-quality feedstock knowledge forms the foundation of effective crude oil supply chain management. Without accurate and up-to-date assay data, effective planning and scheduling is impossible. As part of Spiral Suite, Assay is designed to make working with crude oil data easy.

From sparse data sets to rich laboratory output, users can easily enter, validate, and use crude oil knowledge in collaborative decision making across small and large enterprises.

Further, we help users explore and share processing experience, to grow and strengthen decision making with better visibility and more confidence.

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Enterprise Crude Knowledge Management

Make the best use of feedstock knowledge — helping users to explore and share processing experience, to grow, and to make decisions more confidently based on better visibility.

Industry Standard

Enterprise Crude Management is an industry-leading, enterprise toolset adopted by over 100 companies at more than 300 sites worldwide, including Shell, Chevron, BP, and ExxonMobil. It provides  confidence in workup and synchronisation, comes with an extensive list of existing crude data curated by AVEVA, and is licensable with third-party assay libraries from Shell or Chevron to keep you current on new crudes and assays.

Accessible Via Web and Desktop Interfaces

Your engineers can access the tools they need in the way they want. We promote collaboration via shared data and views, helping diverse teams understand and contribute to solving each other’s problems.

The flexible user interface allows individuals to adapt their workflows to meet requirements, with role-based permissions giving confidence and traceability. Users can more confidently work with new or challenging feedstocks, helping the business adapt to changing requirements.

Easy and Accurate Modeling

Working from any data source, Assay’s flexible interface allows users to quickly enter and validate input. Industry-leading statistical modelling helps reduce measurement costs and prevent mistakes, ensuring accurate and complete assay data is available for all users. New and experienced users can quickly obtain consistent results, with the flexibility to meet evolving business requirements. Powerful distillation modelling improves accuracy, letting users model real-life plant behaviour for feedstocks, improving confidence in planning and scheduling, and reducing gaps between model and operations. Unified in a single platform, complete data is immediately available for planning and scheduling, opening new workflows for more robust decision making with variable qualities and price.

Combine Economics and Processing Experience

Determine profitability quickly with full understanding of value. Netback provides regional and site-specific refinery models to give fast crude rankings. It integrates with Platts or in-house pricing data, allowing generation of current or historical margins in a rapidly changing market. BlendExplorer and BlendSearch allow analysis of blend opportunities and blend windows, helping target blend recipes for more stable operations and increased profitability. Combined with Assay’s powerful statistical modeling capabilities, Crude Approval workflows compare changing crude quality against operational capability, simplifying trading and scheduling workflows with easy insight and understanding of potential problems.

Integrate With and Improve Existing Process

With flexible reporting and integration to existing software and business systems, output from Assay can be quickly used across the enterprise. Full and accurate crude oil data can be made available for bespoke and changing business process on demand (as part of Spiral Suite), integrated with legacy planning and scheduling tools, or transferred to process simulators. Easy automation commands are accessible in-tool, via Excel, or programmatically via Assay SDK to reduce manual workflows, and speed up data transfer and decision making. Synchronisation across the enterprise helps ensure every tool and every user always has the same correct information, while the intuitive interface allows users to customise the application to meet their current and future needs.

Build Confidence with Shared Understanding

Assay encourages individuals to contribute to the business’ knowledge through online (internal) forums. An intelligent alerting system makes sure users are informed about relevant changes, helping your plants operate safely and profitably. Cargo tracking is used to trace crude and its relative processing behavior through operations, while sharing relevant information between teams and users.

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