Production Planning

Make decisions not plans


Turn Plans into Actuals

Ensuring a business can meet all of its requirements means having advanced decision support tools available to end-users. Plan, as part of Spiral Suite, helps users make long and short term decisions, enabling them to confidently make the best use of available assets and resources. Teams plan for operational and market changes with confidence, even with rapidly changing real-world data.

Spiral Suite’s unified supply chain environment enables users to understand the implications of their decisions on the business as a whole, helping users concentrate on economics and engineering. Easy to learn and easy to use, Plan’s flowsheet modelling makes model building simple, and eliminates the need for traditional application experts. Fast workflows, combined with user-configurable visualisation and reporting tools, allow the impact of uncertainties and data changes to be understood and evaluated in real-time across multiple plants and multiple time scales.

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Share Plans, Share Decisions, Share Understanding

Enabling more people to contribute to decision making means supporting tools must offer the power and flexibility to answer different questions posed by users with different needs. Plan’s visual modelling and modern UI make defining the problem easy by combining fast workflows, in-built analytics, and reporting tools to help everyone answer, understand, and communicate decisions.

Visualise the Problem, Visualise the Solution

Whether viewed in-tool, in reports, or integrated with analysis tools, configurations and results can be accessed with ease. Flexible enough to let you customise the application to your liking, Plan guarantees data and workflow consistency across teams. Plus, it works seamlessly with Supply Chain Scheduling and Enterprise Crude Knowledge Management to share assays, share topology, and share results. This unification reduces loss of knowledge in data transfer, accelerates common workflows, and facilitates communication up and down the value chain.

Manage Risk and Uncertainty

Making good decisions means understanding the uncertainty of the choices you make. Whether via traditional case stacking or via revolutionary analytics, Plan allows easy and fast exploration of all business options. You can integrate different prices, different demand forecasts, or any other set of uncertain information to compare alongside economics for more confident decision making. In-tool or on-line users can share results and analyse scenarios quickly, with full feedback to understand, share, and communicate results across the enterprise.

Fast Decisions Mean Fast Reactions

Users need answers quickly, whether from small what-if scenario or massive robust analytics. Plan scales its calculations to deliver results quickly so users can spend more time analysing and understanding the solution, rather than configuring and running the problem. It lets individuals quickly modify, analyse, and explore rapidly changing markets and operations.

Don’t Just Plan, Predict

The future is always uncertain. To find the best operating strategy amidst those uncertainties, you need to examine the different possibilities. Plan makes it simple to setup massive analytics for interrogating different possibilities, with simple and standard reports and visualisations to help understand and compare solutions. Give users the tools and information they need to explore and collaborate around constantly changing markets and operations.

Build and Track Process Models

In planning, good decisions can only be made from accurate models. Process Model Management, as part of Spiral Suite, lets user maintain, adapt and tune their plant representations, increasing model accuracy and helping improve margins. With quick creation, quick validation and quick sharing, Process Model Management helps ensure more accurate and more consistent planning and scheduling, improving margins and operational understanding.

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