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Conversations with power industry leaders across the globe reveal three areas of strategic importance where AVEVA can help accelerate the Digital Transformation journey to a new energy future.


"What is the right digital strategy that will enable you to run your business today AND change the business for what you need tomorrow?"


People and Culture

"What is the right digital strategy that will put people at the center of transformational change, and help create a high-performance culture?"


Technology and Risk

"What is the right digital strategy that will reduce technology risk but also help quickly adapt and be agile in a changing industry landscape?"


Duke Energy: 2017 Business Value Award Winner  Duke Energy was the winner of the “2017 Business Value Award” at the Software  User Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Watch the Videos

A Lifecycle Approach to Maximising Lifetime Value

From savings in capital expenditure costs during the initial design and build stage to reducing operations and maintenance (O&M) expenditures, the AVEVA portfolio for the power industry adds value at every stage of the plant lifecycle, helping to extend the total lifetime value of power assets.

Reduce Total Implemented Cost

AVEVA solutions for integrated design and engineering can help save as much as 10 percent from engineering, procurement, and construction activities.

Maximise Asset Reliability

AVEVA solutions help monitor over 500,000 MW (or ~8 percent of global capacity) to maximise the reliability of assets throughout the fleet and/or grid.

Reduce Operating Cost

AVEVA solutions have helped to achieve savings of over $250k per unit through process modelling capabilities in thermal performance management.

Improve Workforce Productivity

AVEVA solutions help empower your workforce via platforms for mobility, and operator training and simulation, including virtual and augmented reality.

Predictive Analytics: A Practitioner's Perspective   Ed Abbott, of Duke Energy, explains the basics of Predictive Analytics at the  2018 Feedwater Systems Reliability Users Group Watch the Presentations

Digital Solutions For A New Energy Future

AVEVA solutions are focused on addressing the emerging challenges and future requirements of a rapidly evolving industry landscape as well as the traditional needs of the power business.

  • Effective Design and Build

    35+ years of world-class power projects

  • Manage Fleet and Grid Assets

    Addressing the challenges of a changing business and asset portfolio

  • Empower Operations Workforce

    Addressing the challenges of a changing workforce and work processes

  • Optimise Assets and Operations

    Enabling assets and processes to operate at target performance indicators

Understand How Predictive Asset Analytics Tools Benefit Power Utility Asset  Management  New predictive asset analytics tools allow utility personnel to address  critical issues before they become problems Learn More
Effective Design and Build

AVEVA’s solutions for the power industry have been developed over 35 years of close partnerships with world-leading customers across the industry.

Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Results in Efficient Project Execution
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Mitigate Delays in Plant Startup Due to Inefficient Information Handover
Explore this Solution  
Reduce Modelling Time of an Industrial Retrofit Project with 3D Solutions
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Manage Fleet and Grid Assets

Scalable platforms for developing and empowering human assets

Geographical SCADA
Explore this Solution  
Plant and Site Operations Supervisory Control
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Unified Operations Center for Increased Operational Agility
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Empower Operations Workforce

No matter where you are within the Chemicals plant lifecycle, your primary goal is excellence. In Engineering Excellence, you must focus on optimizing the plant design while minimizing cost.

Enable Remote Teams to Access Existing Plants
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Workforce Empowerment: Digital Transformation by Improving Workforce Productivity
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Optimise Assets and Operations

Enabling assets and processes to operate at target performance indicators

Asset Excellence Journey to Maximize Asset Availability and Reliability in Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution
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Maximize Operational Continuity and Manage Operational Risk
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Maximum Cost Efficiency in Power Generation with Safe, Profitable and Sustainable Asset Utilization
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Nuclear Information Solutions - Enabling Operational and Asset Predictive Health Awareness
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Portfolio of Digital Enablers for Power and Utilities

AVEVA’s presence in the power industry spans over two decades of digital innovation and market leadership. We offer one of the most comprehensive portfolios, from mature technology platforms for operational control such as HMI, SCADA, and process simulation to more recent technology advances such as machine learning, Predictive Asset Analytics and AR/VR Enhanced Operations.

Discover the APM 4.0 Technologies and Solutions We Can Help You Implement Learn More


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