AVEVA Product Renaming

We are making it easier to understand our products with new functional names.

Why we are Updating our Product Names

With over 50 years of innovation, AVEVA’s portfolio includes many historic brands that have powered industries and partners across the world. As we continue to grow, we need to ensure we have a portfolio that is clear and reflects what we do and that's why we've listened to our customers and updated our products with new names. The table below shows the products that have been renamed so far and will be updated as product names are changed. You can also see all of our upcoming changes in the Product Naming Transition Guidebook.

Legacy Product Name New Product Name
Advanced Process Control AVEVA™ APC
Gas Day Advisor AVEVA™ Gas Day Advisor
Historian AVEVA™ Historian, formerly Wonderware
Historian Client AVEVA™ Historian Client
AVEVA Everything 3D  AVEVA™ E3D Design
PRiSM Predictive Asset Analytics AVEVA™ Predictive Analytics
SimCentral Simulation Platform AVEVA™ Process Simulation
Yield Accounting AVEVA™ Production Accounting
InTouch HMI AVEVA™ InTouch HMI, formerly Wonderware
InTouch Edge HMI AVEVA™ Edge
System Platform AVEVA™ System Platform, formerly Wonderware
Development Studio AVEVA™ Development Studio
Refinery Off-Sites AVEVA™ Offsites Management
PRO/II Process Engineering AVEVA™ PRO/II™ Simulation
SIM4ME Portal AVEVA™ Excel Simulation
SIM4ME Thermo AVEVA™ Thermodynamics
Historian Insight AVEVA™ Historian Client Web
InTouch Access Anywhere AVEVA™ InTouch Access Anywhere
Sentinel System Monitor AVEVA™ System Monitor
AVEVA ProCon AVEVA™ Contract Risk Management
IntelaTrac Mobile Operator Rounds AVEVA™ Mobile Operator
AVEVA Control of Work AVEVA™ Operational Safety Management
Pipeline Trainer AVEVA™ Pipeline Training Simulator
Integrity Operations AVEVA™ Pipeline Integrity Monitor
Measurement Advisor AVEVA™ Measurement Advisor
Workflow Management AVEVA™ Work Tasks
AR/VR Enhanced Operations AVEVA™ XR for Operations
Augmented Reality for Maintenance AVEVA™ XR for Maintenance
EYESIM AR/VR Immersive Training Systems AVEVA™ XR for Training
AVEVA Engage AVEVA™ 3D Asset Visualization