Wind & Solar Energy

Our digital solutions for managing wind and solar farms are specifically designed for the challenges of geographically dispersed assets, sporadic internet connectivity, multivendor interoperability, cybersecurity, as well as grid integration across complex management domains. 

Conventional Energy

Our digital solutions for conventional energy sources help improve efficiencies of thermal processes where clients typically save over $250,000 per unit, per year through combustion optimization. Together with advanced warning capabilities, our clients have cumulatively saved over $100 Million in cost avoidance.

Grid (T&D)

Our digital solutions for transmission and distribution grids help network operators future-proof their data management architecture to increase reliability and efficiency by enabling real-time assessment of system performance and stability and insights through post-event analysis.

Delivering Results For Clients Across The Electricity Value Network

Schneider Electric’s deep domain expertise across different segments of the value network underscores our ability to speak to the varied needs of our clients across the globe.

  • Generation


    Improve operational efficiency and profitability for conventional, renewable, and hybrid sources of generation

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  • Grid (T&D)

    Grid (T&D)

    Improve operational stability and reliability of transmission and distribution grids

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  • Digital Transformation

    Digital Transformation

    Enable cost-optimal business transformation of digital initiatives connecting power producers, network operators and consumers

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Enabling Digital Transformation Towards A New Energy Future

Conversations with our clients across the globe reveal three areas of strategic importance where we can help accelerate your digital transformation journey to a new energy future.

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    Value & Performance

    "What is the right digital strategy that will enable us to run the business we have today - AND change the business for what we need tomorrow?"

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    People & Culture

    What is the right digital strategy that will put people at the center of transformational change, and help create a high-performance culture?"

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    Technology & Risk

    "What is the right digital strategy that will reduce technology risk but also help quickly adapt and be agile in a changing industry landscape?"

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Asset Performance Management (APM)

Schneider Electric customers implementing APM strategies are already seeing results through improved asset utilization, reduced unplanned outages, and increased assets availability.

  • APM in Power

    Predictive Analytics in Power

    Read how Predictive Analytics (which includes Advanced Pattern Recognition technology) is a key enabler of the APM vision.

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  • What is APM 4.0?

    What is APM 4.0?

    Learn how smart connected assets shape the next evolution of APM.

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