Transform refinery operations for improved profitability with Refining Operations Management

Refining Operations Management offers a means to transform operations management business processes to drive consistent and proactive collaboration across functional domains, maximizing operations margins and sustaining performance.


  • A unified supply chain 
  • Complete operations management
  • Rigorous, real-time production management
  • Asset Performance Management to address availability, uptime, reduce maintenance costs

Refining Operations Management can improve revenue by up to 5% and lower operation costs by up to 10%

  1. Improve collaboration and operational visibility of the entire value chain.
  2. Optimize the entire value chain from actionable business insights with industry-leading applications in process optimization, unified planning and scheduling, asset performance management, offsites optimization and mobile workforce management.
  3. Increase operational excellence through performance and asset benchmarking (including operating boundary thresholds) across the enterprise; highly user-configurable for generating any KPI with arithmetic expressions.
  4. Automated data cleansing and transformation with advanced analytics for quickly establishing correct context and accelerating operational decisions.
  5. Cross-domain collaboration console manages operational decision making to sustain best practices and operational knowledge.
  6. Expert integration and maintenance services.

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