Industrial software delivered in flexible subscription tiers to unlock limitless possibilities.

What Is AVEVA Flex?

Imagine if you could have complete flexibility in how you purchase, design and use your industrial software.

AVEVA Flex allows you to do just that. Our range of flexible subscription tiers are tailored to typical industrial control architectures, delivering superior edge to cloud visibility as and when you need it, empowering you to adopt transformative technologies quicker and easier than ever.

AVEVA Flex Flexible Capacity Any Client Platform (Desktop / Web / Mobile / Cloud) Any Industry Any Product Combination Flexible Architectures Flexible Access (HMI / OMI) Flex Flexibility to adjust usage and data points as needs change, as well as enabling the management, distribution and compliance of all software asset entitlements Flexibility to monitor and operate your industrial system from a variety of devices and platforms Flexibility to implement solutions and architectures across a variety of industries Flexibility to accelerate transformation with access to AVEVA's complete industrial software portfolio of edge to enterprise solutions and cloud capabilities Enables all common architectures, and combinations, with a single offer – cloud, on-premise and hybrid architectures – at all phases in a project lifecycle. Flexibility to grow your system as your business needs do, without disrupting your operations

Flexibility at its Core

At the heart of AVEVA Flex is our commitment to provide the FLEXIBILITY you need to monitor, operate, control, analyse and optimize your industrial operations, with:

Commercial Flexibility

  • Financial flexibility with lower initial costs
  • Financial flexibility in the reallocation of funds
  • Financial flexibility in how the expense is accounted for
  • Financial flexibility with improved cashflow
  • Financial flexibility to drive adoption of more advanced solutions from the outset

Technical Flexibility

  • Flexible software combinations
  • Flexible industry adaptability
  • Flexible client platforms (desktop, web, mobile, cloud)
  • Flexible unlimited IO
  • Flexible usage aligned with workforce and lifecycle

Architectural Flexibility

  • Flexible common architectures with cloud and on-premise inclusions
  • Flexible scalability with forecasting of system capacity eliminated
  • Flexible integration capabilities for hybrid architectures

Support Flexibility

  • Technical Support flexibility with access to a range of our world-class support tiers and experts
  • Technical Support flexibility with the inclusion of seamless software upgrades
  • Technical Support Training with range of training available
  • Technical Support Services with additional onsite tools available

For us to compete in today’s volatile market, we need a trusted partner who can help us master our digital transformation. The technical and commercial flexibility that AVEVA Flex provides is fundamental to that change and will help us remain agile and successful into the future.

Giovanni Borinelli, General Manager
NLMK Verona (Italian Steelmaker)

Operational Flexibility
and Simplicity

AVEVA Flex tiers are procured, configured and delivered with complete flexibility & simplicity. Software usage and license distribution is based on annual credit allocations for use across your entire operation, assigned to subscription terms of either 1,3 or 5 years.


Accelerating Digital

With a real-time lens into license usage overlaid with operational and business focus, AVEVA Flex gives you the flexibility to adapt your software tiers as operations demand, to help drive serious business agility and accelerate digital transformation.


A New Era of Flexibility and Efficiency

AVEVA Flex offers a new era of business agility, flexibility, helping accelerate digital transformation with:

  • Access to our world-class portfolio of industrial software as part of a low up-front cost offering.
  • Simplicity to benefit from the latest features & versions, while easily managing and adapting the distribution of licenses.
  • Flexibility to adapt the solution architecture at all points in the project lifecycle; prototyping, design, commissioning & expansion.
  • Access to new & exclusive functionality that provides access to anyone in the organization, driving democratization of industrial data.
  • Commercial flexibility to pay-as-you-go, lower initial costs, gain access to advanced technologies and quicken time to value.

AVEVA Flex eliminates traditional barriers to adoption by ensuring that customers can choose from a scalable set of solutions which are cyber-secure, based on industry standards, and support full asset and operations lifecycle capabilities such as design, visualization, supervisory control, AI, AR/VR, MES, asset performance, maintenance and condition management while only paying for the capabilities needed today. This simplifies consumption of new capabilities and helps make digital transformation more easily digestible.

Craig Resnick, Vice President
ARC Advisory Group

How Do AVEVA Flex Subscription Tiers Work?

Offering a new dimension in edge-to-cloud integration and advanced visualization, our AVEVA Flex flexible subscription tiers help simplify and streamline the design & optimization of your industrial applications.

Bringing together a blend of on-premise investments with secure and reliable cloud-based capabilities, AVEVA Flex puts you back in control arming you with superior real-time actionable intelligence faster and more accurately than ever.

AVEVA Flex subscription tiers are specifically aligned to common industrial control architectures and include:


Tailored to:


Small Processes


Departmental Users


Site Wide Users


Medium Enterprise Users

+ Plus Subscription Access, offering flexible a-la-carte access to individual solutions in our software portfolio

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