Confidence Steel

AVEVA Bocad enables Confidence Steel Ltd to make the most out of their AVEVA solutions.

Confidence Steel

Confidence Steel Ltd (CSL) is one of Bangladesh’s leading steel fabricators, and part of the Confidence Group infrastructure conglomerate


  •  To train new users quickly.
  • To renew working relationships between client and supplier. 
  • To instill greater confidence in existing software users in the company.


  • Better designs were needed before onsite fabrication could become error-free.
  • Despite having good technology, pieces were still missing before total productivity could be reached.


  • Drawing generation time was reduced by 40%.
  • Better capitalization on tech investment through skilled workforce.

Confidence Steel Ltd Achieves Greater Improvements by Utilizing Relevant AVEVA Software Solutions

Bangladesh, India – Confidence Steel Ltd (CSL) is one of Bangladesh’s leading steel fabricators, and part of the Confidence Group infrastructure conglomerate. They have appeared consistently in the Bangladeshi list of “Top 20 Best Performing Companies” for over a decade.

Using state-of-the-art machines to reach the highest standards of quality, CSL specialises in galvanised towers, portable bridges and fittings. They are the main supplier of towers and telescopic poles for telecoms companies in Bangladesh. They now also supply all demand for the nation’s electricity transmission towers, removing the need to import.

As a leader in quality and innovation, with a desire to expand their export markets, CSL needed to work at maximum efficiency to continue their growth.

Making Progress Despite Challenges

Using a best-in-class 3D detailing solution was in line with CSL’s values and aspirations. However, despite being a customer of the AVEVA Bocad Tower module, CSL wasn’t making as much progress with this professional tool as they should have been.

Every business needs to make the most of the capital at their disposal, but a large majority have a blind spot when it comes down to how this can be done. CSL still needed to take advantage of the potential in AVEVA Bocad Tower, and it was urgent.

Maximising the Best Solution

The detailing team was trained again in AVEVA Bocad, which is when the true value that AVEVA Bocad Tower can deliver as a standalone steelwork solution was demonstrated to the team.

“We were so impressed by AVEVA Bocad Tower that we also went ahead and purchased licenses for AVEVA Bocad Roof and Wall”

Head of Operations, Confidence Steel

AVEVA Bocad Tower is just one module in the AVEVA Bocad Suite, working with AVEVA Bocad Steel, AVEVA Bocad Offshore, AVEVA Bocad Onshore, and AVEVA Bocad Roof & Wall. Together they make up a full complement of powerful, agile design tools for professional detailing and fabrication.

CSL released their full potential by nurturing the skills of their engineers, and opening their eyes to faster, better results. Both standard courses and customised programmes were available to provide best practice around their working processes and team effectiveness.

Confidence Steel’s Head of Operations was impressed with the way training added so much more value to his IT investment.

“We can now see that AVEVA Bocad is a true engineer’s detailed design tool. It works the way engineers want it to work and is user-friendly. We are happy with the outputs we are receiving. Confidence Steel’s ability to create projects in this way has not only transformed our project control with its extensive faster pace, it is also enabling a streamlined progressive transfer of digital production data for error-free fabrication”

Head of Operations, Confidence Steel

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