Italy’s leading olive oil producer must refine its operations in order to retain quality during an era of sustained growth. AVEVA technology is the answer.


“Our partnership with Wonderware has automatically enhanced what we’ve been doing for thousands of years. This is important because our process is one of the main reasons for our success.”

– Andrea Violetti, Director General, Farchioni Olii


  • To achieve the highest level of product quality consistency.
  • To complete its fully-automated smart factory.


  • Operators spent substantial time doing manual labor.
  • Tracking and tracing issues related to quality were time-consuming due to paper-based reporting.
  • Difficult to ensure product quality consistency.


  • AVEVA MES helped to increase yield, with 32 million bottles of olive oil produced each year.
  • 25 percent of all output is exported via AVEVA-powered smart factory.
  • AVEVA InTouch ensures that a 3,000 quintal batch looks, smells, and tastes identical to a 1 liter sample.


Farchioni Automates Its Ancient Olive Oil Production Process with AVEVA

Umbria, Italy – Farchioni is Italy’s leading producer in extra virgin olive oil. What began back in 1780 as two farmers operating out of a single mill has since grown into an empire. Today, in addition to the 32 million bottles of olive oil they wrap each year, Farchioni produces other Umbrian staples such as beer, wine, and flour, of which 25 percent is exported all around the world.

For Quality, For Umbria

Italy has the most olive oil cultivars per capita in the world, but what separates Farchioni from its competition is a rooted commitment to their unique processes and region. Located in central Italy, Umbria hosts a temperate climate at an elevation of about 600 meters, which is ideal for grape and olive farming.

Between acres of olive tree groves, a state-of-the-art production facility, and various tasting rooms, Farchioni has invested over 60 million euros into the territory in just the past 10 years. Despite their sustained growth, they continue to meticulously check all of their processes from branch, to bottle, to table. That’s where AVEVA comes in.

“Meeting AVEVA has been really important to me. In that moment, I selected not only a software, but also a partner. After 15 years, we’re still here doing projects together.”

– Andrea Violetti

Growing with AVEVA

Farchioni implemented AVEVA InTouch to automate their blending processes. However, as Farchioni’s output has grown over the years, the company realized it needed a software upgrade to ensure product quality consistency in order to protect the flavor of their region. Enter AVEVA System Platform.

In addition to System Platform, Farchioni has implemented MES Performance & Operations, which together round out their on-site smart factory. As a result, Farchioni operators are no longer burdened with manual work; and instead, are empowered with enhanced visibility on the production lines.

Protecting Farchioni’s Flavor & Operators

Both food and operational safety are paramount concerns for any player in the food and beverage industry. Farchioni is no different. With its new AVEVA solutions implemented, Farchioni can ensure that a 3,000 quintal batch of oil looks, smells, and tastes identical to a 1 liter sample comprised of the same raw materials.

Additionally, the AVEVA solutions will periodically check the field for damaged or non-working pumps and other machinery. This will result in both a significant decrease in downtime and a safer work environment.

"Food safety also means avoiding cross-contamination within the lines. So, knowing the pipeline is a process that works exactly like it’s supposed to, it’s an important safety guarantee.”

– Andrea Violetti

Now It’s Time to Collect

With all of the pieces in place, Farchioni will now look to accrue and analyze data for planning preventive and predictive action, likely resulting in an even greater reduction in downtime. They will also focus on training personnel to utilise these new solutions in a way that optimises their value, and subsequently, the company’s value.

“Today in our strategy, we’re pushing to become “People 4.0” in 2019, in the sense that we need to teach our people to use these technologies to their full potential. We’re thinking about skills, training, and ultimately, the complete value of digital transformation.”

– Andrea Violetti

Farchioni’s steadfast hunger for expansion paired with a willingness to embrace new technology is a recipe for prolonged success. Surely, the olive oil giant will never leave their beloved territory of Umbria, but their legacy is bound to reach new heights.

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