Kalundborg Forsyning

Aquis Water Network Management Software Provides Optimized Knowledge Sharing and Improved Customer Service

Kalundborg Forsyning

“Previously, most decisions were made based on hunches rather than facts. With Aquis Water Network Management, this has changed completely.” Frits Klemmensen, Engineer, Kalundborg Forsyning


  • With a limited overview of the water distribution network, operators were less likely to make the best possible decision when emergencies arose.


  • The water network is now divided into sections, each with section wells that provide flow and pressure measurements. This network section structure is an integral part of Aquis Water Network Management’ functionality and it allows operators to compare the expected water consumption with the actual amount of water flowing into the section. As the model runs based on real-time data, it offers a larger variety of solutions than traditional network models since it is possible to run calculations based on current situations rather than on static average daily consumption.


  • Greatly increased overview, insight and flexibility
  • Enabled operators to adjust scenarios to visualize the consequences of different planning strategies
  • Enabled operators to make faster and more efficient responses to water pollution-related emergencies
  • Enabled the ability to choose and install the right pipe for the job, greatly reducing maintenance costs
  • Provided ability to view information about consumer supply pressure in real time
  • Provided ability to send information to specific consumers such as a planned, temporary closing of the water supply
  • Empowered better day-to-day operational control, including the ability to mitigate and predict problems that may occur
  • Enabled insight via real-time data about the various hydraulic properties for improved water quality monitoring

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Kalundborg Forsyning

Aquis Water Network Management Software Provides Kalundborg Forsyning Optimized Knowledge Sharing and Improved Customer Service

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