L&T Hydrocarbon

With help from the AVEVA team, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering implements modern, streamlined project management solutions that allows them a single-point information repository.

L&T Hydrocarbon

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering is part of the Larsen & Toubro group of companies, a $14 billion company headquartered in Mumbai, India.


  • To bring together information and knowledge from many different sources, at different levels of quality and completeness, representing many different processes.
  • To harness and deliver an optimal level of operational readiness.
  • To Integrate engineering data with the 3D model, ensuring consistency, which results in high-quality deliverables for the current and future projects.


  • Existing software and legacy data had to be accommodated.
  •  Workflows and projects could not be interrupted.


  • L&T is consistently able to meet or exceed customer expectations.
  •  They achieved their objective of a single-point information repository. 
  • Able to meet needs for India’s largest crude oil producer, who produces 70% of the country’s crude oil.

AVEVA Offers a Stronger Way Forward for L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering

MUMBAI, India - L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering is part of the Larsen & Toubro group of companies, a $14 billion company headquartered in Mumbai, India with global operations engaged in key sectors including heavy engineering, power, shipbuilding, electrical automation, hydrocarbon infrastructure, railway projects, machinery, industrial products, financial services and information technology.

L&T’s subsidiary, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Ltd, handles the entire spectrum of onshore and offshore oil & gas projects. Within this, L&T-Valdel specialises in upstream projects. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering traces its origins to 1991 as an operation set up by John Brown Technologies UK.

Today, it has offices in Bangalore, Chennai and Abu Dhabi, is certified to ISO 9001, ISO/TS 29001, ISO 14001, BS 18001 and ISO 27001, and has an impressive portfolio of projects that include wellhead platforms, FPSO topsides, power generation modules, gas compression modules, offshore facilities and over 200 subsea pipelines.

A High Demand from an Important Customer

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering specialises in upstream EPC projects for the oil & gas industry. One of its most important customers is India’s Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), which produces around 70% of the country’s crude oil. Seeing the benefits to ONGC and other customers of data-centric project handover, L&T established a project team to define and implement a singlepoint repository of engineering data that would enable them to provide this. At the same time, it would also speed up communication and decisionmaking, create seamless integration between 3D model, P&ID and engineering data, and enable efficient online search for faster navigation, querying, sorting, consolidation and reporting.

The result was a solution based on AVEVA NET, integrating data from L&T’s extensive suite of engineering, design and project management solutions.

Progressive Implementation

After considering all the risks and various implementation options, L&T decided to implement integrated engineering in three stages. Stage 1 would integrate all P&ID and 3D model data at the as-built stage of a project. This approach was taken on two recently completed projects, one with three wellhead platforms and one with four.

Stage 2 integration, for ongoing projects, could be carried out in two steps, starting at the Approved for Construction deliverables stage and completing with the as-built stage. They took this approach on two ongoing wellhead platform projects. Finally, with their successful experiences in the first two stages, they were able to confidently implement integrated design from the start of a project.

Five Steps to AVEVA NET

Deploying any enterprise-level system with many different stakeholders requires a detailed and well-structured plan. Here, AVEVA’s implementation specialists were able to apply a proven, stepwise methodology that fully addressed L&T’s needs and business processes. AVEVA NET was deployed in five steps: 1. Requirements analysis 2. System design 3. System build and validation 4. Training and documentation 5. Full production deployment The Requirements Analysis phase considered not only the hardware, software and internal execution issues, but also the differing usage requirements of L&T’s engineering teams and of their clients.

The design phase fine-tuned the requirements specification and addressed functional and technical issues, such as workflows, data types, document formats, naming conventions, class libraries, and so on. This phase then informed the system build stage, involving creating templates and information standards, system configuration and customisation. Representative data was used in testing and validation to highlight and resolve any problems.

With the support of the AVEVA team, L&T was then able to carry out detailed administration training on project setup, customisation, template creation, data population and troubleshooting. User-level training programmes and materials were prepared, covering such areas as scope, responsibilities, workflows, gate protocols and work instructions. For specific tasks, stage-wise checklists were compiled.

The final integration solution is illustrated in the diagram below. Note how the AVEVA NET Workhub integrates information from a wide variety of sources. The AVEVA NET Dashboard then makes this coherent, contextualised information asset readily accessible to users.

Integration in Action

“We use AVEVA P&ID™ to create intelligent P&IDs and easily generate deliverables such as line lists, equipment lists, valve lists and instrument lists. Intelligent schematic data from AVEVA P&ID is transferred to AVEVA Engineering by XML. Unique tags are created using AVEVA Engineering’s Tag module and each tagged item – process, mechanical, piping, electrical – is entered into a customised template, used across all disciplines, to generate datasheets and specifications. Autopopulation of this data across disciplines avoids duplicated data entry and the need for interdisciplinary checks.”

– Mr. V.J. Shanker, Head, L&T Hydrocarbon

AVEVA Instrumentation is used to generate all datasheets, hook-ups, loop schematics and similar deliverables. The required inputs from process engineering are autopopulated from AVEVA Engineering and a multi-disciplinary 3D model is developed using PDMS to ensure a safe, maintainable, operations-friendly, clash-free design. P&ID schematics and the 3D model are integrated using AVEVA Schematic 3D Integrator. L&T ensures consistency between 3D, 2D and 1D data using the Compare & Update functionality.

The Results

“We have now got a scalable, multi-source data application, which is a major advantage for a customer. As it’s not vendor-specific, it readily accepts data from all sources via the different Gateways, which can be customised. It’s also noninvasive, so it does not affect the source data in any way. And being able to perform powerful searching and reporting on data of known quality, using only a standard web browser, makes it an invaluable solution for engineering, operations and maintenance tasks.”

– Mr. V.J. Shanker, Engineering Head, L&T Hydrocarbon

L&T’s own project execution processes have also benefitted substantially. Integration of engineering data with the 3D model ensures consistency, which results in high-quality deliverables. Singlepoint data entry avoids error-prone duplication and reduces the need for interdisciplinary checking. And information from multiple projects can be stored and reused on future projects, reducing project costs, risk and timescale, and enabling the company to more easily build up and exploit a growing body of proprietary expertise.

“Integrated engineering shows its inherent strength when we need to navigate between different formats and different data types. We can be looking at the 3D model of a certain well or an area, and call up anything, from its P&ID schematics to the structural calculations. We have achieved our objective of a single-point information repository, automated our change management processes, and streamlined project data handover to the client. With this technology, we gain the efficiency benefits of integrated engineering and meet – or often exceed – the expectations of our customers.”

– Mr. V.J. Shanker, Engineering Head, L&T Hydrocarbon

Mr. Shanker is enthusiastic about the success of the implementation, which has proved to be a win-win result for both L&T and its clients.

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