AVEVA Software Success Stories

This is what our stories are all about: sharing innovative examples of how companies are performing their work better, faster, less expensively, and greener on the fast track to achieving operational excellence with a little help from AVEVA.

As Det Norske prepares to take on its first large field development, Iver Aasen, AVEVA Software proves crucial in developing the necessary Digital Asset.

AVEVA solutions allow India’s Damodar Valley Corporation to digitise, reduce downtime, and streamline all processes into an easy-to-use format.


Integrated AVEVA Marine applications saved many design hours for GHENOVA Ingenieria, and allowed for efficient and accurate model delivery.


To ensure quality fabrication during structural design, Dragados Offshore utilizes AVEVA Bocad’s 3D modeling and design features, resulting in faster time to ...

Steel Fabrication

AVEVA Bocad enables Confidence Steel Ltd to make the most out of their AVEVA solutions.

AVEVA Marine solutions allow CMDB Almaz to stay competitive, and consistently create innovative ship designs used all over the world.

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AVEVA Everything3D allowed one of Sweden’s nuclear plants to stay up and running more profitably while keeping their reactors safe.

AVEVA Marine streamlined operations for Deltamarin Poland, so that the company could deliver total customer satisfaction in shipbuilding and design.

AREVA, a world leader in nuclear power, streamlines its business processes by integrating data and managing concurrent working with AVEVA Engineering.

AVEVA facilitates Schlattner’s impressive feats of engineering in the North Sea so they can create climate-neutral energy through offshore wind farms.

AVEVA’s IE&D solution enables Russian EPC Giprogazoochistka (GGO) to link schematic, engineering and 3D objects, to ensure a single source of data can be ...

AVEVA streamlines the processes for a focused supplier of consultancy, engineering and project management services to high-stakes customers.

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