PML Exploration Services

Real-time information ensures the most affordable, efficient and safe drilling of oil wells, which is why PML Exploration Service relies on the built in features of InTouch Machine Edition.

PML Exploration Services

“InTouch Machine didn’t require us to write code for cloud-based technology from scratch, it was all right there in the software. This allowed us to put the information directly in the hands of the customer by providing a good Web solution.”

– John Parsons; President & CEO of PML Exploration Services


  • Provide a cloud-based solution with Web-based applications to provide real-time information
  • Enable customers to have ready access to critical data, even while in remote locations
  • Efficiently translate application user interfaces and reports into other languages


  • No systems in place to provide current information to the wellsite
  • Delays were as long as 12 hours between the actual analysis and reports provided to customers


  • Well drilling operations can enact changes based on real-time data that will help meet safety codes and protect integrity of the well
  • The cloud-based solution provides customers with both time and cost savings
  • The solution provides geosteering of the rock bit ensuring the client’s wellbore is accurately and safely placed

PML offers customers vital gas analysis data in real-time, using InTouch Edge HMI capabilities

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – When drilling wells for oil or natural gas, the safety of the employees and the integrity of the well are some of the foremost concerns. PML Exploration Services LLC provides gas analysis in ‘real time’, thanks to the extensive Web-ready tools available in the InTouch Edge HMI. With these tools, PML can help well operators optimize their time, protect their investment in the well and ensure the safety of the operation. It offers up-to-the-minute gas analysis and detailed, Web viewable geological information.

InTouch Edge HMI is able to help companies like PML put their data ‘in the cloud’ so that rig operators and site managers can have ready access to data, even while out at remote locations, such as oil and natural gas drilling rigs. PML currently has more than 60 active systems that can be placed across the country to deliver rapid-fire results that site managers can review on devices such as smart phones, tablet computers, and even through text messages and SMS.

With real-time data, PML can put information right on the client’s desk, even when monitoring multiple sites. Cost saving changes such as the speed, direction, and loads of the drill can be put into effect the moment relevant information is available, making the entire process much more affordable, safe, and efficient.


Addressing Delays in Reporting Wellsite Stats

When PML initially began analyzing and providing gas and geological information at the rig, there were no systems in place to provide current information to the wellsite managers and remote office staff overseeing the drilling of the well.

Reports were provided twice a day in order to update the rig and office staff on gas and geological conditions. Delays could be as long as 12 hours between the actual analysis and the report provided to PML’s clients.

These reports contain critical information regarding crude oil and natural gas deposits, as well as critical rock structures that must be isolated for safety and production reasons. Continuous monitoring of the gas components and their quantities, plus correlation with drilling information is critical for safety. In addition, timely decision making ensures maximum ROI (return on investment) for a given well.

The time delays between presenting the reports and adjusting the drilling system to the specifications required to make use of the data can cause problems. This could potentially put the structural integrity of the well in danger. Customers requested a system that could provide information on a much more current basis.


Providing Critical Real-Time Information with InTouch Machine

InTouch Edge HMI was chosen by PML as the SCADA software best able to meet the needs of their clients.
Wonderware InTouch Edge HMI enables OEMs, panel builders, and end users to quickly create intuitive, secure, and highly maintainable HMI applications for intelligent machines, and on a variety of small-footprint devices such cell phones and PDAs using embedded operating systems.

Customers can seamlessly integrate machine and panel data directly into the Supervisory HMI system making machine information more accessible to operations and management for a broader understanding of the entire operation with greater control, faster response times, higher operating efficiencies, and lower total cost of ownership.


InTouch Edge HMI in Action on the Rig

Approximately 60 active rigs use InTouch Edge HMI’s Web Studio solution for data acquisition, control and display of wellsite information. Data is monitored constantly by PML employees at the wellsite, as well as being sent directly to the client’s and PML’s supervisors’ desks over a satellite connection. The well operator can keep track of changes by using the Web Thin Client, and pulling reports from the cloud.

The process begins with the rig systems used by PML. These mobile units consist of portable trailers where the employees assigned to the well can observe continuous gas analysis and drilling information, plus perform detailed analysis of geological samples from the wellbore. The InTouch Edge HMI SCADA software is installed on a 17” laptop coupled with a 24” monitor that acts as the local server.

PML’s portable gas analyzer, controller and data acquisition solution incorporates a PLC. The PLC at the rig communicates with IWS via Modbus communications. From the rig, PML employees track changes in total gas, gas constituents, drilling information and geological conditions using the chart and trending functions in the software.

The data from the SCADA software is then sent via satellite connection to the cloud, where it can be viewed via Web Thin Clients, and Studio Mobile Access. These features are easy to configure in InTouch Edge HMI.

“One of the main advantages of InTouch Edge HMI was that we didn’t have to write code for cloud based technology from scratch. It was all right there in the software. That allows us to put the information directly in the hands of the customer, by providing a good Web solution."

John Parsons, President and CEO of PML Exploration Services

The Studio Mobile Access (SMA) solution aligned with the remote alarm notification features of InTouch Edge HMI (via email or SMA) allows PML to notify their customers about critical conditions (alarms). Upon notification, the users can log to the system via any smart mobile device such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone 7, and monitor the critical variables of their wells.

Information retrieved from the analysis is also transmitted to SQL databases, and stored there for traceability and historical information. InTouch Edge HMI has a patented method of communicating with SQL databases that makes it uniquely able to send and receive data from relational databases with easy configuration.

This is another way in which development time for preparing an InTouch Edge HMI solution is greatly reduced, which makes it easy for customers like PML to develop powerful applications in a short time.

The native and flexible security system built-in in InTouch Edge HMI allows PML to consolidate data from several wells in the cloud, but control remote access to the data based on the credentials (user name and password) of the user logged on the remote Web Thin Client (Web browser).

With InTouch Edge HMI, PML was able to adopt the SaaS (Software as Service) model, offering remote access to meaningful information in real-time to their customers (end users) rather than a proprietary, isolated, and eventually depreciated system.


Cloud-Based Data Safeguards Wellsite Operation Needs

The result of this partnership between PML and InTouch Edge HMI is a SCADA solution for gas, drilling and geological analysis that is able to meet the growing demand for cloud-based information.  The data captured is relevant and current enough to help site managers in oil and natural gas well drilling operations to enact changes based on real-time data that will help them meet safety codes, save time and cost in drilling, and protect the integrity of the well.

The Web solution provided by InTouch Edge HMI has made PML highly competitive in geological and surface logging, and allows them to stay ahead of the curve in the industry. 

Because InTouch Edge HMI applications are always compatible with new versions of the software, PML will be able to keep pace with new technology, even as PLCs and other equipment changes. Because IWS offers over 240 drivers that communicate with every major brand of PLC, as well as offering OPC support, it is easy to configure an application to communicate with new combinations of equipment.  It even allows dissimilar devices that would not ordinarily be able to share data to use IWS as a bridge to send data back and forth.

With the EDGE System, PML innovated and leveraged the technology provided by InTouch Edge HMI as an enabler for their core competency (well drilling), and created a sustainable competitive advantage in its industry.

The ease of translation and Unicode fonts supported by InTouch Edge HMI also give PML the flexibility they require in making a national business international PML intends to further develop their system with InTouch Edge HMI to provide real-time geosteering of the rock bit to ensure the client’s wellbore is accurately and safely placed for optimum return on investment. 

PML’s ability to share, in real time over the Web, information that includes wellbore characteristics such as gamma ray, liberated gas components, lithology, penetration rates and directional information with key stakeholders will add significant value to their suit-of evolving solutions.

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