Promon Engenharia

Promon Engenharia chose AVEVA to help navigate the challenges of collaboration. Working with multiple firms’ different interfaces can be a huge issue and cause delays if done wrong.

Promon Engenharia

“AVEVA Instrumentation enables our engineers to focus uniquely on detailed and accurate project work. They don’t have to divert their attention to seek administrator input when they require interoperability; every process moves faster, more simply and more productively.”

– Siddartha Nassif; System Engineer Coordinator, Promon Engenharia


  • To eliminate downtime triggered by systems realignment with other parties’ technologies.
  • To seamlessly fulfill Promon’s role for every project, regardless of size or complexity.
  • To produce higher-quality designs.


  • Systems did not integrate with other parties’ technology.
  • Designers could not be self-sufficient with the current technology.


  • Instrumentation data is delivered in a clear, consistent and easily understandable manner.
  • Uniform export of data provides complete interoperability.
  • Maximum workflow flexibility has improved project productivity and design accuracy is now collaborative.


Seamless Accommodation of Different Interfaces Circumvents Downtime

BrazilPromon Engenharia’s project portfolio features such high-profile projects as the Itaipu hydroelectric plant (on the Brazil/Paraguay border), the Angra Nuclear Power Plant (Rio de Janeiro), and numerous oil & gas projects across Brazil.

The company handles multiple small to mid-sized energy projects in partnerships with local Owner Operators and construction firms; this means there is a constant need to respond in different ways to varying customer requirements. This makes Promon responsible for ensuring that when it is called upon to interface with external systems, it can do so quickly and efficiently at every stage of every workflow. Failure to do so would not only slow up project progress, it would also erode Promon’s profitability and outstanding reputation as one of the best engineering companies in Brazil.

Challenges: End-to-end Workflow Support

Siddartha Nassif is the System Engineer Coordinator responsible for ensuring that all Promon’s 500 engineers are supported with the most effective software for seamless delivery of quality designs.

He states that customers do not expect their own conventions and practices to be a problem; they simply assume that companies such as Promon will conform to requirements. It is Siddartha’s role to ensure that Promon does conform.

“The matrix of interchangeable variables such a large team has to deal with means they have to be performing at top proficiency all the time. Across diverse industries, they have to be able to deal with outputs ranging from PDF documentation to Excel spreadsheets as well as measurement variables (imperial versus metric) and other established but project-specific protocols.”

– Siddartha Nassif; System Engineer Coordinator, Promon Engenharia

Solutions: Support Across the Entire Instrumentation and Control System Life Cycle

Working with multiple partners, it was critical for Promon to deliver instrumentation data in a consistent, clear and easy-to-understand manner. In 2011, Promon adopted AVEVA’s solution for efficient, accurate and productive system design and installation – AVEVA Instrumentation.

“When AVEVA gave us a presentation on AVEVA Instrumentation there was an instant enthusiastic response from our engineers. They saw the immediate benefits in how easy it was to use. Everything we have is now performed using AVEVA Instrumentation across the full workflow.”

– Siddartha Nassif; System Engineer Coordinator, Promon Engenharia

Promon’s design capabilities moved into a new phase of excellence, enabling them to interoperate with any mandated partners across diverse projects. With AVEVA Instrumentation the engineers can dedicate their talents to moving the project forward without having to call on the system administrator’s help around interoperability issues with other tools used at the same time.

The benefits of using effective datasheets for complex instrumentation requirements now exceed all other process requirements for Promon. The options for interoperability with tools from Microsoft and other providers enable users to perform imports and exports in a quick, effective and efficient manner, thanks to AVEVA Instrumentation’s user-friendly graphical interface.

Considering the time, resources and therefore the risks with delays in such projects, AVEVA Instrumentation provides valuable support for the instrumentation department to ensure project delivery for customers and partners.

“For all new starters and people coming into the instrumentation department, I tell them: AVEVA Instrumentation is your standard. You can easily interoperate with AVEVA Instrumentation and any other tool you may need.”

– Siddartha Nassif; System Engineer Coordinator, Promon Engenharia

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