AVEVA Software Success Stories | Water and Wastewater

Water and Wastewater | This is what our stories are all about: sharing innovative examples of how companies are performing their work better, faster, less expensively, and greener on the fast track to achieving operational excellence with a little help from AVEVA.

Water and Wastewater
Pima County

Pima County reduces operating costs, increases efficiency and improves safety at wastewater reclamation facilities with implementation of Situational Awareness.

Water and Wastewater
Long Beach Water Department

A comprehensive SCADA system helps a team manage information from the district's water system consisting of nearly 30,000 data points at 85 major equipment ...

Water and Wastewater
Puerto Rico Water and Sewage Authority

AVEVA helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water operations with an effective security system, high-speed historical data collection and ...

Water and Wastewater
Eau de Paris

Solution based on InTouch Uses AutoCAD and Video to Ensure Water Distribution in Paris

Water and Wastewater
Pinellas County

The AVEVA information software solutions help Pinellas County Utilities provide safe, high-quality water and wastewater services to its customers.

Water and Wastewater
Società Risorse Idriche Calabresi

Società Risorse Idriche Calabresi is responsible for a far-reaching system that covers approx. 6,000 kilometers and is comprised of 200 aqueduct systems, 4 ...

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Water and Wastewater
Cairns Water

Cairns Water uses AVEVA for the water and wastewater management, as well as solid waste and recycling services for the 145,000 people in Cairns, Australia.

Water and Wastewater
Spokane Water Department

The Spokane Water Department grows with a new SCADA solution while also enjoying ease of use, improved data collection and evaluation.

Water and Wastewater
Vaasan Vesi, City of Vaasa, Finland

City of Vaasa gets quick upgrade to higher reliability and functionality with AVEVA solution.

Water and Wastewater
Ontario Clean Water Agency

AVEVA delivers OCWA increased efficiency and cost control, scalability, and standardisation. Additional reporting capabilities help provide higher service ...

Water and Wastewater
City of Thunder Bay

AVEVA SCADA solution provides ease of use, quick payback and expansion for the City of Thunder Bay’s new water treatment plant.

Water and Wastewater
Yellow River Conservancy Commission

AVEVA Products Help Water Commission for China’s Yellow River Reduce Engineering Time, Cost and Effort

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