Tefken Engineering

International Turkish company, Tekfen Engineering, chose AVEVA to mitigate issues caused by working across countries, time zones, and language barriers.

Tefken Engineering

“Our migration to AVEVA E3D is a strategic investment. It took just ten weeks to future-proof our business and equip our teams with next-generation design capabilities.”

– Tolga Timirci; Piping and Plant Design Department Manager, Tekfen


  • To implement a smooth and swift software transition and data migration.
  • To eliminate costly rework.
  • To support easy collaboration.
  • To minimise misinterpretations.


  • It was not feasible to visualise 3D designs.
  • Time-consuming face-to-face meetings were needed simply to verify design and data iterations.
  • Document control procedures were complicated and required much verification.
  • Work is often done across time zones and in multiple languages.


  • AVEVA was rapidly deployed.
  • AVEVA E3D accelerates project delivery time.
  • AVEVA E3D reduces effort, errors and rework while enabling more effective multi-discipline collaboration.

Tekfen Reduces Project Execution Times and Cost with AVEVA E3D

Istanbul, Turkey Tekfen Engineering is familiar with geographic and cultural complications, given its current client base across Turkey, the Middle East, Africa and Azerbaijan, with projects planned in Ghana, Morocco, Kuwait, Qatar, Bulgaria and South East Asia.

A Smooth Transition to Next-generation Design

When an engineering project involves multiple teams, from numerous organisations, working across varying time zones, often in different languages, there are too many points where, if things can go wrong, they will. To minimise the risk of misinterpretation of data, drawings, changes and specifications, firms often need to invest time and money in travelling between locations for regular update meetings. They also have to employ rigorous document control. Even when they do so, errors can still occur.


Accustomed to using AVEVA PDMS™ for its 3D plant designs, Tekfen was looking to improve the speed, quality and profitability of its projects, taking intelligent design to the next level. The geographic spread of its projects and multiple requirements for inter-company collaboration dictated a re-evaluation of technologies used in the company’s design process.

Tekfen wanted to move closer to a dynamic design environment that would bring together 3D models and laser data. Integrating data from engineering tools with wider Enterprise Resource Planning systems was also an area the company wanted to address. This had often been a complicated process when several external vendors and subcontractors were also involved in a project.

It was also important that any move to a new software solution should be implemented with minimum disruption to ongoing business.

“Our main concern was in the migration of our existing PDMS projects over to AVEVA E3D. This was an exercise that required clarity in communication – and that’s exactly what AVEVA provided.”

– Tolga Timirci; Piping and Plant Design Department Manager, Tekfen

Driving Right-first-time Fabrication and Installation

In late 2014, the company chose AVEVA E3D, a solution that enables clash-free, multi-discipline 3D design. Tekfen’s complete migration of its PDMS projects to AVEVA E3D took less than ten weeks, even though a transition in technologies can cause disruption within an organisation if not carefully handled.

AVEVA was able to alleviate Tekfen’s concerns in this regard, since AVEVA E3D is built on existing, trusted AVEVA technology. This makes incremental deployment possible by project, department and team; an organisation can see immediate evidence of efficiencies as the user base rolls out. AVEVA E3D can easily be deployed on the same projects as PDMS and the transition is smooth, easy to upgrade and, above all, risk-free. A key improvement that will increase productivity for all clients is the new graphical interaction with the canvas. This means it is much more natural to learn and quick to adopt.

Automatic generation of engineering drawings and integration of laser scans are key benefits that Tekfen now expects to use widely, especially on Brownfield projects. AVEVA E3D saves Tekfen Engineering even more time when they are collaborating with another engineering company on the same 3D model. Tolga states that Tekfen can now deliver more projects with the same level of resources, increasing revenue and profitability.

“We have long recognised that AVEVA’s software is the industry standard for Engineering & Design. Increasingly, our projects span continents and time zones, so the collaboration capabilities of AVEVA E3D will also help us to ensure that all stakeholders have the right information at the right time.”

– Alparslan Gure; President of Tekfen

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