Yellow River Conservancy Commission

The conservancy provides water to 100 million people in nine Chinese provinces

Yellow River Conservancy Commission

AVEVA Products Help Water Commission for China’s Yellow River Reduce Engineering Time, Cost and Effort


  • Create a large-scale operating system including a central database, real-time information transference and processing, as well as distributed decision support


  • The scope of the installation is large as it occupies several thousand kilometers


  • The conservancy provides water to 100 million people in nine Chinese provinces
  • New system effectively regulates water quantity and prevent flow stoppages, particularly during droughts
  • Solution helps Yellow River Commission staff forecast floods and create proactive flood progressing models
  • Plant personnel can securely share information over the Internet, regardless of their locations along the lengthy Yellow River

To assist in this monumental task, the Commission implemented an HMI/SCADA system from AVEVA. This system features the System Platform and InTouch HMI software.

Zhengzhou, China – Like the Nile in Egypt or the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Mesopotamia, for 6,000 years, Zhengzhou – also known as The Yellow River -- has been the lifeblood of Chinese civilization. Today, the Yellow River is still a major source of water to 100 million people in nine Chinese provinces. Therefore, it is essential that the river continues to flow for many years to come. Regulating the Yellow River’s awesome power is the task of the Yellow River Conservancy Commission – an agency of the Ministry of Water Resources of the People’s Republic of China.  

Monitoring and Control over the Yellow River's 700 kilometers 

The objective of the project was to create a large-scale operating system including a central database, real-time information transference, processing, and decision support distributed over 700 kilometres of The Yellow River. It had to effectively regulate water quantity and prevent flow stoppages, particularly during droughts. It was also designed to help Commission staff forecast floods and create proactive flood progressing models. 

The Yellow River Conservancy Commission selected a AVEVA solution primarily because the System Platform enables AVEVA to integrate well with most of the hardware, software, and applications in industry today, regardless of the vendor, enabling the Commission to derive all of the benefits of the groundbreaking AVEVA technology and preserve its existing technology investments. The Yellow River staff has also appreciated the excellent pre-sale and after-sale technical support from the AVEVA staff and worldwide distribution team.

AVEVA excels at precisely the type of distributed system that the Yellow River Conservancy Commission required. In fact, with the help of Utitech Technology Co., the AVEVA Distributor in Beijing, the entire system implementation took only three months.


“After conducting an extensive survey, we chose the System Platform. In the sluice stations, we installed stand-alone InTouch nodes."

"For the other four levels, which include counties, cities, provinces and the water regulation centre, we adopted the System Platform,” said Mr. Zhu Chenhua, Director of the Yellow River Conservancy Commission’s information centre.

System Platform Accelerates Growth

System Platform is central to this particular solution because its ability to deploy multiple instances of plants and objects over different applications can decrease the engineering and maintenance costs.


The ability to easily create and reproduce objects greatly simplifies the Yellow River staff’s ability to quickly deploy applications across the control system.

This spans several thousand kilometers yet consists of identical equipment.

The functionality of System Platform, such as reusable objects, modularised technology and remote deployment, made it possible for us to complete the first phase of this system in three months, which includes 43 sluice stations and the other four management levels,” said Chenhua.

This groundbreaking approach to engineering meant that the Commission did not have to invest in the many hours of system programming that this project would have otherwise required – saving this project and the Commission as a whole a significant amount of money.  Furthermore, the reusable nature of the application objects created during the system’s development will save the plant additional hours and expenses in ongoing system maintenance and expansion.


Pure Flowing Water

The AVEVA solution helps the Commission continuously purify the river water by removing sediment and other contaminants, increasing water availability and reducing the likelihood of floods with the use of stream banks and aquifers.

With the highly beneficial AVEVA plant intelligence system, China’s Yellow River is now poised to make history again by becoming the most advanced water regulation system in China.

“With the help of this modern monitoring system, we have improved the Yellow River water regulation. I believe with the expansion of this system, we can ensure that the river will not dry up. We can make the Yellow River more beautiful and younger, and bring more benefit to Chinese people along the Yellow River,” said Liu Xiaoyan, Director of the Water Regulation Bureau of the Yellow River Conservancy Commission.

Today, the clean, flowing river banks are home to a variety of recreational activities such as fishing, camping, picnics, and other enjoyable pastimes. It also provides a habitat for diverse plants and healthy fish, and offers water and shade to wildlife and livestock.

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