AR/VR Immersive Training Systems

EYESIM AR/VR Immersive Training Systems

AVEVA EYESIM AR/VR Immersive Training System is a 3D engineering tool that uses Virtual Reality and/or Augmented Reality to connect control room operators, maintenance, and field personnel in a single realistic learning environment. This 3D environment is connected to a high-fidelity dynamic simulation and provides functionality for equipment understanding, Hazop design evaluation, operator training, and maintenance planning. It supports knowledge transfer of best practices, increases efficiency and reduces costly errors or maintenance.


  • Provide a general OTS for typical unit operations. Make it an attractive training system that can be called a “next generation system”.


  • EYESIM AR/VR Immersive Training System


  • 3D virtual reality system for field operator station with on-demand and self-study style training without instructor and special drawing for engineering education
  • Each trainee can continue the training anytime from the previous training data