Simulation Platform for Chemicals

Simulation Platform for Chemicals

AVEVA delivers a Simulation Platform that can be used to create your plant’s Digital Twin, a model to leverage across the process lifecycle. With increasingly detailed process information from your Digital Twin, you can compare the actual plant status against your simulation model to see and understand unit performance monitoring and real time optimization. This single representation of the plant can be used to increase efficiency, productivity or profitability.


  • Reduce the redundant and inefficiencies inherent to the workflow of executing a project


  • SimCentral Simulation Platform


  • SimCentral Simulation Platform allows users to seamlessly transition between steady state models and hydraulic calculations
  • Because of its equation-oriented modelling approach, SimCentral Simulation Platform allows for easy custom modelling and reporting
  • The three modes (Process, Fluid Flow, Dynamics) allow users to solve for different simulation problems quickly