Unified Supply Chain Management in the Cloud

Unified Supply Chain Management in the Cloud

AVEVA’s Unified Supply Chain Management is the industry’s only fully integrated feedstock data management, planning, scheduling and envelope optimization solution designed to support all supply chain work processes. Access to thorough trading and scheduling data improves performance and competitiveness and enables better decision-making and new insights into optimization potentials while reducing overall risk.


  • Provide refinery planning and supply teams with the calculation facilities to allow them to take full advantage ofSpiral Unified Supply Chain Management


  • Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management on the cloud
    • Assay
    • Schedule
    • Plan
    • Network
    • Analytics


BP Public Cloud Strategy Helps Reduce IT Cost by 40%

  • Reduce refinery planning calculation time from 7 hours to 3 ¼ minutes
  • Improve speed of crude/feedstock selection
  • Enhance user efficiency
  • Better manage ongoing IT cost
  • Make more robust decisions