AVEVA Customer FIRST Program

Protect and extend the value of your software with comprehensive maintenance and support

Your Success is Our Mission

AVEVA Customer FIRST is not just a cliché, it is a mantra that drives our everyday efforts to put our customers first – ensuring your overall success with our software is essential. We strive to deliver innovative, market-leading software coupled with a wide range of services and resources that form the foundation of a long-term, strategic relationship with AVEVA. With Customer FIRST, you get a continuum of investment protection and value with a program designed to proactively help make sure you are getting the most out of our software throughout its life and achieve your key business objectives.

AVEVA Customer FIRST ensures that you get:

  • Continuous software maintenance and innovation through version upgrades to keep your software “state-of-the-art” so you can respond quickly to challenges and opportunities
  • Access to technical support experts to accelerate time to value and to quickly remedy any technical issue that you experience as you install, fine-tune, and upgrade your software
  • Optional services and resources to drive adoption and increase productivity, efficiently maintain and optimise the performance of your software, and meet your changing business needs

Whether you’re looking for a minimum level of support for an existing, steady-state application, or you need a higher level of support coupled with pro-active services for a mission-critical, evolving solution, Customer FIRST can be tailored to your needs.

Coverage for all AVEVA Software

Our comprehensive software portfolio provides everything you need to unlock real business value and deliver meaningful results, and Customer FIRST provides value-adding support and services tailored to your software and needs.


Engineer, Procure, Construct

Our integrated engineering and design solutions lower the cost, time, and risk of capital project engineering and execution.

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Asset Performance

Our APM solutions increase asset longevity and performance while ensuring a safe, reliable working environment.

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Monitor and Control

The most flexible, open industrial HMI and SCADA solutions in the world empower your decision-makers to think boldly and advance smartly.

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Plan and Schedule

Maximise production profitability with planning and operations solutions that optimise supply chains and manufacturing.

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Operate and Optimise

Leverage tools that eliminate inefficiencies to synchronise production and operations with business goals.

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Knowledge and Support Centre Website

The Knowledge and Support Centre Website is an invaluable resource that makes AVEVA software knowledge base, support case management, and software downloads easily accessible. Powerful self-help and search capabilities quickly and efficiently connect you to useful information and the latest software.


Support Anytime, Anywhere with Customer FIRST Apps

Our Customer FIRST Apps bring AVEVA software support resources to mobile devices for convenient, on-the-go access. Keep details of your support agreement handy so you can know immediately what is covered. Log and track service requests for convenient case management. Learn new technical tips and tricks and stay current on support-related events and software updates and news.

Real-time System Monitoring and Services

Monitor your Wonderware systems and keep them running optimally with AVEVA’s Sentinel System Monitor, a software application installed at your plant and available through Customer FIRST. It continuously monitors your Wonderware applications and system hardware, identifies upset conditions and alerts you to potential issues before they manifest into real problems. Optional services give you access to experts to install, configure, and maintain Sentinel System Monitor onsite for you; monitor your Wonderware solutions 24/7/365; and fine-tune your applications annually for peak performance. Click for the Sentinel datasheet.

Software Asset Manager

Keep track of all your installed Wonderware software and licenses easily and report quickly as needed. From a single location, download relevant software updates — like patches, fixes or service packs — and push the files to the appropriate computers on your network for later installation. Click for a Software Asset Manager datasheet

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