Sentinel System Monitor

Real-time system monitoring to help your operations run smoothly

Sentinel System Monitor

Sentinel System Monitor is a software application—installed at your plant—that continuously monitors your Wonderware applications and system hardware, identifies upset conditions and alerts you to potential issues before they manifest into real problems like software application errors or machine downtime events.

Optional professional system management services (in support of Sentinel System Monitor) give you access to experts to install, configure and maintain Sentinel System Monitor onsite for you, monitor your Wonderware solutions 24/7/365, and fine-tune your applications annually for peak performance.



  • Maximize system availability and increase your production yield and revenue
    • Identify and address issues early, avoid adverse effects on operations
    • 24/7/365 monitoring and early notification of issues
    • Quicken resolution times with pinpoint error detection
  • Better manage system resources to improve asset performance
    • Effectively manage your staff with automated system management
    • Reduce the volume of high priority issues
    • Streamline the diagnosis process with precise and contextual alert notification


Sentinel System Monitor - Tailored for You

Sentinel System Monitor has been engineered to fit into your environment and give you proactive visibility into the problems you might experience with your Wonderware software. Sentinel System Monitor includes:

  • Intelligent Software Tools - Monitor Wonderware software applications and system health for easy IT maintenance.
  • Continuous Innovation - The evolving solution helps you to respond to new alert conditions and environmental factors more quickly, and implement more effective corrective actions.


What Sentinel System Monitor Actually Monitors

These are some of the many unique Wonderware attributes, messages, metrics and system parameters monitored constantly:

  • System Platform (Platform & Engine): Runtime Attributes like Scan Status, Redundancy/Failover, ArchestrA Event Log Error/Warnings, logged Script Issues
  • DI Objects: Connections/Scan Status, DAServer Status, ArchestrA Event Log Error/Warnings
  • Historian: Historian Services Status, Database Health, ArchestrA Event Log Errors/Warnings
  • ArchestrA: ArchestrA Services Status, ArchestrA Event Log Errors/Warnings
  • MES: MES Services Status, MES Database Performance, ArchestrA Event Log Errors/Warnings
  • SQL Server: Internal Performance & Health per Microsoft SQL Server Management Pack
  • Hardware/Operating System: CPU, Memory, Event Logs, Performance Counters
  • Other Supporting Software: Terminal Services, 3rd-party IO Servers, and others

Sentinel System Monitor Availability

Sentinel System Monitor is available in three variations:

  • Basic – Sentinel System Monitor can be installed without a license at any site to provide full-feature monitoring of a single machine. You can change the single machine at any time, on demand. Additionally, it can be used to monitor activation-based license acquisition from the AVEVA Enterprise Licensing System at sites using Wonderware System Platform 2017 Update 3 or higher.
  • Limited – With the purchase of an Application Server subscription, a “limited license” allows Sentinel System Monitor installation at the site to provide full-feature monitoring of up to five machines. The user can change those machines at any time, on demand. Limited also allows you to monitor activation-based license acquisition from the AVEVA Enterprise Licensing System.
  • Full – Sentinel System Monitor is available to do full-feature monitoring of an unlimited number of machines with a license. The license can be acquired as an optional subscription for Standard and Premium-level Customer FIRST members, and it is included for Elite-level members. It is also included with the purchase of AVEVA’s Annual System Health Review.

The Customer FIRST Program is the AVEVA portfolio of comprehensive technical support, software maintenance and professional services designed to help you be successful with your AVEVA solutions throughout the software lifecycle.

Optional Professional Services

Annual System Health Review - Baseline and improve your Wonderware application performance

Available as an optional purchase for Customer FIRST members, the Annual System Health Review service provides you with expert technical resources to review and baseline your current Wonderware application and the operating performance of your solution. Our engineers will install Sentinel System Monitor to identify upset conditions, and will provide recommendations to improve the performance and get your system back to its intended operational state. Once installed and running, Sentinel System Monitor can be used by your staff and will continuously monitor your system. Then, on an annual basis, the Annual System Health Review can be contracted to fine tune your systems.

Proactively maintaining the health of your Wonderware application and system assets with AVEVA’s Sentinel System Monitor can help you keep your operations running smoothly.

Included Services and Components:

Installation and Configuration

We assess and audit your Wonderware system performance and work with you to tune and stabilize your Wonderware application to a requisite baseline. Once complete, we then install and configure the AVEVA Sentinel application monitoring tool, so you or your designated partner can start to monitor your system performance.

Wonderware System Tuning

To ensure optimal performance, an annual tune-up evaluates your Wonderware software applications and their respective platforms, helping you to adapt to changing operating and business conditions.

Sentinel System Monitor

The system monitoring tool is included in the System Health Review. Your staff can continue to use Sentinel as long as you maintain your Customer FIRST agreement and elect the annual Health Check Review.

Reaching and maintaining peak performance of your automation system is a continuous process. Our System Health Review is designed to help you get the most out of your Wonderware applications and related systems, increasing your Return on Investment (ROI) and providing you with confidence in your plant operations.

Monitoring Services for Sentinel System Monitor - Get the Most from Your Wonderware Software All Year Long

Also available as an optional purchase by Customer FIRST members, the Monitoring Services for Sentinel System Monitor give you access to Wonderware experts to receive, evaluate and respond to your Sentinel System Monitor alarms. Wonderware support professionals can triage alert notifications 24/7/365 and quickly respond to them and recommend corrective actions to resolution. Our response model is based on the alert handling process and escalation procedure as defined in conjunction with you, the customer.

With Monitoring Services for Sentinel System Monitor, feedback is delivered to you via monthly system health status reports which include:

  • Overall health status for the month
  • Critical, major, medium and minor system issues and errors for the month
  • Changes or corrections made to fix errors that occurred in the Wonderware environment
  • Proposals for Wonderware system deviations to ensure the system conforms to best practice standards


How to Get AVEVA Sentinel System Monitor and Related System Management Services  Wonderware has local representation, support and training through our  distribution network. To learn more about AVEVA Sentinel System Monitor, please  contact your local Wonderware distributor. Find a Distributor