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From the Operators controlling your processes to the Engineers optimizing asset performance to the Business Analysts reducing TCO, System Platform 2017 touches every corner of industrial operations.

To learn how everyone can contribute to operational excellence using System Platform 2017, download this special edition chart on Empowering Decision Makers.

See How System Platform 2017 Empowers People Across Your Value Chain.

  • The first-ever responsive InTouch Operations Management Interface visualization engine eliminates the need for complex scripting and programming.
  • Model-driven smart navigation and multi-monitor screen configurations is now possible in less than 5 minutes.
  • Improved system scalability and simplification enables you to run 10X more client sessions on a single node.
  • An exceptional variety of out-of-the-box Object and Symbol Wizards provides ~80% of typical application objects for easier design, build and management.
  • Agile cloud-based development promotes greater developer collaboration by bringing the entire application design and testing environment to the cloud.
  • Situational Awareness takes a leap forward with increased usability, modern UI/UX interactions and more contextualized data delivery.

Download the Special Edition Chart