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Over 200 training offerings for Avantis, SimSci, Wonderware, and other brands


Engineer, Procure, Construct

Improve asset performance and utilisation with integrated simulation, optimisation, training, and process control software and services with AVEVA's advanced engineering applications.

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Asset Performance

At the core of AVEVA Asset Performance Management solution set, the maintenance repairs and operations solutions provide maintenance management, spares, and inventory capability.

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Monitor and Control

Collect, store, retrieve, display, and analyse real-time and historical data to optimise your operations with our leading, industry-ready HMI/SCADA, historian, intelligence, and device integration technologies.

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Operate and Optimise

Eliminate inefficiencies by standardising operational processes to improve performance, regulatory compliance, and collaboration, while real-time optimisation solutions help maximise profits.

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Plan and Schedule

A single, unified platform for one source of enterprise knowledge – from feedstock data management, trading, and plant and network optimisation, to scheduling and process unit monitoring.

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AVEVA Product Training

Do you have all the components to efficiently construct the bridge between where your company is today in technical performance and where it wants to be in the future? Our training curriculum of more than 200 courses and learning solutions maximises the efficiency and effectiveness of a company's workforce.

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