Citect Product Training

Citect Training will provide you with comprehensive knowledge of SCADA, Historian and MES products through high quality, interactive education that can immediately be applied to your workplace or institution. There is a strong emphasis on increasing your productivity and helping you better manage your lifecycle costs, enabling you to maintain your competitive advantage.

Citect Product Training

Citect Product Training

Whether you are an established Professional or new to domain, Citect courses provide you with hands-on experience, leaving you feeling confident to design and configure your own systems, whilst our programs are designed to facilitate the latest education and application of our software products. Our training services include standard in-class, self-paced, virtual, online and customized training sessions for our suite of SCADA and MES software products.

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Classroom Training

Traditional classroom training that includes a combination of lectures, interactive discussions, and hands-on labs to practice concepts, functionality, and procedures.

Virtual Training

Can't attend a class in person? You can attend right from your desktop via our internet based virtual classroom. This format provides the benefit of a live instructor, hands-on exercise on a virtual computer, the ability to see demonstrations and ask questions in real-time, and the ability to interact with other students virtually from a convenient location without travel time or costs.


Recorded lectures and software demonstrations. Material is presented with instructor-shared applications, audio and presentation slides. eLearning can be completed at the student’s own pace with the ability to pause, rewind, and re-watch courses during the viewing period.

Self-Paced Training Kits

Self-Paced Training Kits (SPTKs) are available for customers who wish to take self-paced training in their own time. Purchase of the SPTKs allow Customers to call Support only for questions directly related to the content of the course.

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Academic Program

Our Academic program is for tertiary education institutions, such as technical colleges and universities who teach SCADA systems as part of their general automation courses.

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Certified Expert Program

The Certified Expert Program (CEP) distinguishes and recognized individuals skilled in the integration of Citect technology-based automation projects.

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Contact us for more information about our Citect SCADA, Historian, AMPLA MES training offering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out answers to questions about what tuition covers, class start and end dates, proper attire, how payments should be made, our cancellation policy and more.

What is the Educational Center Program?

Aveva sets high standards for their educational centers and partners. The Certified Educational Center Program regulates these standards and ensures they are adhered to. This guarantees that authorized Citect SCADA, Historian or MES courses are delivered in the same professional approach wherever the course is taking place.

What is the Academic Program?

The Academic Program is designed to enable universities, technical colleges and tertiary training centers to get the most out of their software investment. This is achieved by providing them and their students with access to the automation software and courseware for a nominal fee.

What types of courses are offered by Educational Services?

Courses offered include configuration, programming, upgrade and introductory courses for Citect SCADA, CitectHistorian, Ampla and Ampla Express. The course information pages include course objectives, duration, target audience and full content description.

Are courses offered worldwide?

Aveva offers and delivers Citect SCADA, Historian & MES training classes throughout the world, at our own certified educational centers or at our partner training centers. We have instructor-led courses (virtual and face-to-face), eLearning modules and Self-Paced Training Kits to help you learn about Citect SCADA from anywhere.

How much does training cost?

Course fees vary worldwide, depending on the country. Please contact us at to get more details.

What training methods are available?

Courses include instructor-led, online, self-paced and on-site offerings for our suite of SCADA, Historian & MES software products.

Can I request training at my location?

Yes, most of our listed courses can be delivered by our certified instructor’s in-site at your location. On-site training classes are designed to suit the flexibility you require for your organization’s learning needs, while reducing the impact on your business.

You may choose the standard curriculum or request content adjustments, based on your employee’s current skill level and training needs.

Can I request customized training?

Yes. Aveva provide customized on-site training to suit your unique learning needs and application solutions, including Citect SCADA, CitectHistorian and Ampla. This allows us to tailor the training around your existing projects, emphasize hands-on, job-related training and include modules relevant to your business from any of our existing training courses.

What are the benefits of SCADA, Historian and MES training?

  • Learn useful techniques for efficient configuration time and enhanced system performance.
  • Consult with our instructors one-on-one to learn unique tips for your SCADA, Historian & MES system.
  • Improve your team's knowledge of SCADA, Historian & MES products, enabling you to achieve lower maintenance costs and lower project risk by delivering projects on time and on budget.
  • Minimize downtime and business interruption.
  • Network with peers and share experiences of working with SCADA, Historian & MES.


What are the benefits of on-site training?

On-site education can offer many advantages over traditional education methods:

  • Educate more people at a lower cost per participant.
  • Make significant cost savings relative to staff accommodation and travel expenses.
  • Allow staff to stay on-site rather than travelling.
  • Schedule education programs at times suitable to your organization, e.g. scheduled downtime.

What if I am unable to attend in-class training or want to learn at my own pace?

The Educational Services curriculum of SCADA courses is also available as self-paced training kits. This means you can study the material in your own time, at your own pace, where you want.

To order a self-paced training kit, please contact us at