Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management – Schedule

1-2 October 2018


Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management supports all traditional event-based scheduling workflows and combines automated data management within a planning environment to blur the boundaries between tactical planning and scheduling.

The Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management – Schedule training course aims to familiarize trainees with Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management application specifics and enable independent use of the tool with minimum support. This is achieved through a learn-by-doing approach to training, using a comprehensive set of training examples that cover core features of Spiral Schedule and demonstrate common industry workflows.

Course Content:

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • View, open, and explore Model contents
  • Describe and customize the Scheduling interface
  • Within Schedule: Receive and Transfer crudes
  • Within Schedule: Schedule Process Unit
  • Within Schedule: Create Group Sets and Calculations
  • Within Schedule: Manage actual data and Overrides
  • Within Schedule: Report using Excel
  • Within Schedule: Merge differences between cases


  • Plant Design Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Other individuals who are looking to better understand simulation using Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management


  • General knowledge of simulation software is helpful
  • General chemical/refinery plant process knowledge is beneficial


2 days


Instructor led classroom course, working throught a training manual with hands-on activities in Spiral Schedule.