Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management – Supply Distribution Optimization

2 October 2018


The course aims to demonstrate basic network model building & optimization in Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management

Course Content:

  • Creating new network models
  • Defining nodes, transportation links, multiple periods
  • Defining materials moving in the network
  • Adding terminals, terminal inventories and terminal blending
  • Assign costs to inventories
  • Working with fixed parcel sizes and threshold optimization
  • Grouping supplies and demands
  • Adding exchanges
  • Transport link duration
  • Adding user-defined (custom) calculations
  • Case stacking & Analytics
  • Reviewing results – watch sets, standard reports
  • Excel AddIn


  • Supply & Distribution Planners
  • Existing Spiral Plan users interested in extending the scope of their planning activities




1 Day


Instructor led classroom course, working through a training manual with hands-on activities in Spiral Network.