Unified lifecycle simulations with SimCentral Simulation Platform


SimCentral Simulation Platform’s digital twin can reduce simulation effort by 50% throughout a plant’s lifecycle

For engineers and operators alike, process simulators have become invaluable tools for designing and operating process plants. The continuous need to innovate chemical and energy alternatives within the oil industry is driving a need for a new approach. SimCentral Simulation Platform, AVEVA unified lifecycle simulation platform offers:

  • A process model that can be used in design, training, and operations, with the capability to switch back and forth
  • Improved process operation, startup procedures, and relief system safety through unified dynamic situation
  • Better collaboration between modeling and control experts by early understanding of process controllability through unified dynamic simulation
  • Debottlenecked process utility systems by fluid flow network simulation
  • Better allocation of expert engineering resources through the use of the same tool set with an easier learning curve
  • Delivery of models for OTS systems for demographic changes in plant staff causing personnel shortages
  • Value in having a single tool to support process design, operator training (OTS), and equipment performance monitoring

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