Unified Supply Chain in Mining

On-Demand Webinar

Supply Chain Optimization:
Pit-to-Port Visibility

Traditionally, mining companies have run the various functions of their supply chain as separate “businesses”. The lack of collaboration and coordination in this silo approach means that planners don’t have visibility into the entire the supply chain, leading to inefficiencies, higher costs, and potential quality impact on the operations.

At AVEVA, we understand the need to maximize the value of collaboration across your organization to:

  • Enhance collaboration and realize your resource- to-market potential
  • Increase the ability to adapt to changing business rules and drivers
  • Improve the performance of the plan and schedule against stated KPIs

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Meet the Speaker

Ammar Wahab

Ammar Wahab
Offer Manager
Industry Solutions (Metals, Mining & Minerals)

Ammar has been with AVEVA since 2016. He is tasked to drive global initiatives & sales, and define leading-edge solution for Value Chain Optimization in the Metals, Mining & Minerals industries. Ammar has over 12 years of experience in METS & Mining companies. In the last five years, he specialized in implementing business improvement solution for mining companies such as supply chain optimization, and defining strategies for greenfield and brownfield expansion projects to bring about Remote Operations Centre.

Based in Australia, Ammar holds a post graduate in Electronic & Computer Engineering from University of Nottingham – UK.