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Real-Time Optimization System for Refineries

The global Oil & Gas industry is constantly facing different types of operational and market challenges. As the market shifts, the first step for a refinery is to review its current productivity software. This enables them to react and implement new-age technology to optimize operations given the new market conditions and prepare to capture new opportunities in the future.

The Unit Performance Suite from Schneider Electric reduces operating costs and improves operating performance by packaging closed-loop, real-time plant information with measurement optimization. The foundation of the Unit Performance Suite is SimSci ROMeo, industry-proven optimization software that reduces operation costs and drives higher profitability for refineries around the world:

  1. An industry-proven closed-loop Real Time Optimization (RTO) software that helps to increase profits by optimizing plant operations.
  2. Advanced Analytics helps to reduce unplanned downtime by identifying potential issues affecting plant performance.
  3. High ROI allows fast payback as early as few months from productivity gains.
  4. Role-based contextual visualization system provides customized dashboards for different roles, which help users monitor their scope areas and shorten learning curves for new users.
  5. Scalable platform architecture provides flexibility to integrate a single process unit or multiple units - or even across multiple sites - to address business challenges. 
  6. Operations Mobility improves organization agility by enabling workforce to make time-critical data driven decisions on mobile devices anytime, anywhere.
  7. Expert integration and maintenance services.

Schneider Electric Unit Performance Suite is easy to buy and easy to use with integration to existing systems and equipment, and brings real-time actionable plant optimization diagnostics and key performance indicators (KPIs). This enables Operations Managers and decision-makers to make informed decisions to lower operating costs and improve margins.

Optimize Plant operation in real-time

The Unit Performance Suite helps to lower the operating costs and improve margin by optimizing the operating parameters in real time. Closed-loop Real-Time Optimization (RTO) enables the plant to operate more efficiently by constantly responding to changes in operating parameters. 

High ROI from productivity gains

Closed-loop Real Time Optimization enables refineries to operate at optimal conditions by constantly responding to changes in key operating parameters and drives potential productivity gain for fast payback as early as a few months.

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