Condition Management - Shift From Reactive to Proactive Maintenance

On-Demand Webinar

Asset Performance

Watch on-demand webinar to learn more about our Condition Management software. Condition Management is a software application that allows you to monitor equipment performance and address problems before equipment failure or before equipment performance degrades.

Condition Management collects and analyzes real-time diagnostics from all plant production assets and drives appropriate action to improve overall asset performance and manage the appropriate operations, engineering and maintenance actions.

Learn how Condition Based Maintenance and Monitoring:

  • Provides early failure detection to increase asset availability, reduce costs and avoid unnecessary maintenance and downtime
  • Supports continuous improvement through an integrated workflow management capability
  • Provides operations, engineering and maintenance with easy access to current asset information for better decision making
  • Collects and analyzes data on asset condition to help optimize asset contribution over its full lifecycle

Matt Newton

Senior Portfolio Marketing Manager, AVEVA

Matt Newton is Senior Marketing Manager for the Asset Performance Management business. With over 15 years of experience in the technology sector as an applications and systems engineer, Matt has extensive experience in supporting embedded platforms, automation systems, wired and wireless networking, network security technologies, and the Industrial Internet of Things. Stewart utilizes his wealth of specialized knowledge and experience to help customers achieve their improvement goals, such as information clarity and enhanced business value, through the use of cutting-edge solutions.

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