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Digital Transformation

A transformation is happening!

AVEVA is the only industrial and infrastructure software vendor to offer full portfolio coverage under subscription, with the flexibility to maintain perpetual licensing in the deployment mix.

  • Flexibility and business agility are driving the demand for subscription licensing over traditional perpetual licenses
  • Minimising up-front investment is a major driver, and when combined with the preference for operating over capital expenditure offering tangible financial, tax & accounting benefits for customers
  • Reduction of total cost can only be calculated when the innovation quotient is accepted and valued by the customer, which is addressed in alignment of costs with value capture.
  • Transparency and simplicity in pricing are important to customers, and has been an issue for Industrial software vendors for many years

In this webinar you will learn more about how AVEVA Flex is a key enabler driving business agility and accelerating digital transformation. You'll discover the full breadth of AVEVA Flex Subscription options and how they can be applied to a variety of customer scenarios, as well as some of the specific technical architectures that AVEVA Flex enables from on-premise, hybrid and cloud. We'll also share some recent insights into the benefits some of our new AVEVA Flex customer are already realising by leveraging our transformative technologies with complete commercial and technical flexibility.

Duration: One Hour

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George Bauer

Director, Product Management for AVEVA Flex Subscription

George Bauer is the Director of Product Management for AVEVA Flex Subscription, and has a wealth of domain knowledge with over thirty years in the industrial automation industry. He has held a number of senior roles both in sales and marketing, and prior to his current role was Director of Sales (Advanced Applications) for Schneider Electric Software and Invensys. Earlier in his career George was the VP Product Marketing at Siemens and VP Marketing and INOVx Software, and spent a number of years in Asia focused on APAC business development.


John Krajewski

Product Development Director, SCADA/HMI, Monitor & Control, AVEVA

John Krajewski, Director Product Management, HMI/Supervisory. John has 23+ years of experience in industrial automation and control systems. John began his career working as a Control System Engineer in the potable water industry. Subsequently, John worked as an Application Engineer for a system integrator who primarily focuses on the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries. He joined Invensys Wonderware in April 2000 as a Senior Application Developer in the product marketing department. Shortly thereafter, John assumed the role of product marketing’s Functional Manager of infrastructure. John spent 5 years as a domain architect with responsibilities for architectural and functional definition of Intouch and Archestra Technologies.

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