Can Your SCADA See Into the Future?

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Water and Wastewater

Optimise your Water Network with Modeling, Simulation, and Real-Time Control. Increase Performance of your Water Network

Water Network operators are faced with rising energy costs, more stringent environmental concerns, and a lack of capital budget to invest in repairing and improving their aging infrastructure.  High-fidelity modeling and simulation of water networks, paired with real-time information from existing SCADA systems and sensors provides water utilities an opportunity to optimize the operation of their networks without significant capital investment.

AVEVA's Aquis Water Network Management software can digitally transform water network operations through real-time visualization, what-if scenario planning, pressure optimization, water quality monitoring, leak detection and location, and reservoir and pump optimization capabilities. When paired with Water Network Optimization, the Water Network Management models provide input to a closed-loop control room solution that increases decision confidence and reaction time to exceptional incidents, while optimizing water network performance and minimizing energy costs during normal operations.

In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges faced by water network operators, articulate the benefits of integrating modeling and simulation with your existing SCADA, GIS, and customer billing solutions, and share several examples from water utilities around the world that leveraged AVEVA's solutions to optimize their water.

Duration: 1 Hour

Watch this webinar to learn how you can move your water utility from a reactive control mode to a proactive management practice that requires no hydraulic skills to utilize.


Janus H. Christiansen
Director of International Water and Energy Project Delivery

W. Jarrett Campbell, Ph.D.
Industry Marketing Leader, Smart Infrastructure AVEVA

Jose Maria Santos
Offer Manager, Water Network Management & Optimization

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