Covestro uses Next-Generation Process Simulation to Push the Boundaries of Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation

AVEVA's SimCentral Simulation Platform

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear from Covestro and learn how they consolidated their process simulation applications into one single platform, AVEVA’s SimCentral Simulation Platform.

In this Hydrocarbon Processing webinar, Covestro, one of the largest specialty polymer companies in the world, shares how they found that reducing the number of tools across the process lifecycle would free up time for their engineers to innovate and tackle more complex problems, increasing the organisation's competitive edge.

Learn more from Dr. Jochen Steimel and Dr. Konrad Triebeneck on how they consolidated their process simulation applications onto one single platform, AVEVA's SimCentral Simulation Platform, increasing efficiency and collaboration between process design, process control and operations.

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Dr. Jochen Steimel

Expert Process Simulation Software

Jochen Steimel joined Covestro in 2015 and is responsible for computer-aided-process engineering software in the company. He takes care of the deployment, maintenance and integration of commercial process simulators at Covestro. Furthermore he is one of the developers for the in-house steady-state process simulator VtPlan that is in use with the company since three decades.


Dr. Konrad Triebeneck

Senior Expert Process Modeling

Konrad Triebeneck is the senior expert for process simulation at Covestro and joined the company more than 30 years ago. He is responsible for modeling large-scale processes for design and troubleshooting purposes, and is versed in the use of many different process simulators. He is the spokesperson of all process simulation software users at Covestro and furthermore represents the company in the industrial and academic process simulation community.

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